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3.3 Bidding

During the initial bidding and registration period of each quarter, students bid online for biddable classes. Biddable seminars and courses will be designated by the Office of the Registrar each quarter. Generally, seminars are capped at 20 students. In some seminars, enrollment is limited to a smaller number. All seminars are considered biddable classes. The deadline to drop biddable classes without a “W” is typically the Friday of the second week of classes. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the exact deadlines each quarter. Once the deadline has passed, under no circumstances can a “W” be removed from a student’s record. 

Students may bid for up to five offerings per quarter and must rank them in order of preference. The maximum number of credits in which a student can be registered via the bidding process is 14; the actual number is typically lower due to automatic registration into continuing classes, clinics, independent research projects, non-biddable class enrollments, etc. It is not guaranteed that students will be enrolled in classes they bid for. Generally, 2Ls, 3Ls, M.L.S. students, J.S.D. students, and LL.M.s are on equal footing for purposes of registration. Please note, however, that faculty may choose to alter the priority system for their particular class based on the nature of the class. In some instances, 3L students receive priority in particular classes, and it will be noted as such in the relevant class descriptions. Please see each quarter’s registration materials for additional information.