The Law School has a rich history of hosting workshops that enhance the intellectual environment of the academic community. These workshops, which span diverse subjects, provide an opportunity for faculty and students to engage and advance the leading edge of legal scholarship.

  • The Constitutional Law Workshop presents papers on constitutional law, the theory of constitutional interpretation, and related public law subjects.
  • The Law & Economics Workshop: Workshops at Chicago have been the proving ground for new ideas in law and economics for several decades. They are the place where faculty from Chicago and elsewhere present new ideas and try out their latest papers.
  • The Law and Philosophy Workshop exposes students to cutting-edge work in "general jurisprudence," that part of philosophy of law concerned with the central questions about the nature of law, the relationship between law and morality, and the nature of legal reasoning.
  • The Legal Scholarship Workshop is a forum in which young, mostly, untenured professors from schools around the country present works in progress.
  • Public Law and Legal Theory Workshop
  • The Regulation of Family, Sex, and Gender Workshop exposes students to recent academic work in the regulation of family, sex, gender, and sexuality and in feminist theory. 
  • The Workshop on Judicial Behavior provides students with a unique opportunity to read and analyze cutting-edge scholarship that focuses on how judges reach their decisions.