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3.8 Adding/Dropping Courses

For classes not governed by the rules applicable to biddable classes, students must complete all adds or drops to their class schedule by the end of the Instructor Approval Add/Drop period for each quarter specified in the Academic Calendar. The deadline is strictly enforced. After the Instructor Approval Add/Drop Period ends, there can be no changes in a student’s enrollment except in extraordinary circumstances. A student who drops a class after the deadline will receive a “W” (up to the last day of classes) or a failing grade (after the last day of classes) on their transcript for that course. As a rule, a “W” will not be removed from a student’s record once the deadline has passed. Failure to complete a class without dropping, will result in a failing grade. 

Permission to drop a class after the deadline will not be granted (even with a W) if 

  1. The class was included in the bidding process and oversubscribed at the time of registration;
  2. The student has received 50% or more of the final grade; 
  3. The instructor objects to the drop;
  4. The student will have less than nine credits for the quarter;
  5. The student has begun the final exam; or
  6. The request fails to meet the aforementioned “extraordinary circumstances” condition.

Failure to read and follow the directions for adding or dropping a course or to take note of the applicable deadline is not considered an extraordinary circumstance.

Additions after the first week require the permission of the instructor. In light of ABA requirements concerning class attendance, faculty generally do not allow students to add a course after the first week.

These rules also apply to mini-classes and multi-quarter classes, unless explicitly contravened in the course description.