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5.2 Academic Leaves

Students interested in taking a leave of absence from the Law School should speak with the Dean of Students. Pursuant to ABA Standards 311(b), a student must complete requirements for the J.D. degree no later than 84 months after a student has commenced law study at the Law School or a law school from which the Law School has accepted transfer credits.[1] Return from a leave of absence is not guaranteed and return from a leave of absence may require compliance with conditions set by the Dean of Students, including submission of a written petition to return due no later than two weeks before the registration period for the quarter in which the student hopes to return.

Students who do not return after six quarters on leave will be administratively withdrawn.

[1] Note, however, that some jurisdictions may shorten this period.  For example, New York requires bar applicants to complete their coursework within 60 months of commencing their legal studies.