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4.9 Anonymous Grading

Please keep in mind that the Law School follows an anonymous grading system, which means that faculty members do not know which student submitted a particular exam. In the event that any problems arise while taking an exam, students cannot communicate directly with a professor through any means. Instead, students should contact the Proctor, the Office of the Registrar, or the Dean of Students. Improperly contacting a professor regarding an exam may result in disciplinary action.

Examples of exam issues include where a student:

  • Cannot take the exam on time
  • Has problems opening the exam
  • Uploaded the wrong document
  • Used the wrong exam ID number
  • Took the exam questions with you instead of turning them in
  • Exceeded the word count
  • Failed to understand some instruction in the exam

If in doubt, for any reason, you should first reach out to the Dean of Students or the Registrar and not your professor.