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8.3 Law School Posting and Chalking Policies

The Law School permits Law School and University of Chicago organizations, schools, divisions, departments, and members of the Law School or University of Chicago community to post documents, fliers, signs, or posters in designated areas in the Law School. All postings must be dated and only one posting per location/bulletin board is permitted. Anonymous postings are strictly prohibited in the Law School, and all postings must include the name of a current University of Chicago-affiliated contact (whether an organization, a school, a division, a department, or an individual) and an active uchicago.edu email address.  

Postings are only permitted in designated areas in the Law School. Those designated areas are limited to:

  1. the free-standing boards for fliers for “today’s events” only; 
  2. the bulletin board located in the Clinic Corridor; 
  3. the holders outside classroom doors; 
  4. the designated student organization bulletin boards; 
  5. the kiosk boards on the lower level; and 
  6. the bulletin board space inside classrooms I-IV right inside the north door to each of those rooms. 

No signs, fliers, or posters are permitted on any other surfaces within the building ― wood, glass, columns in the Green Lounge, classroom walls, tables, desks, counters, etc. Signs, documents, fliers, or posters placed in unauthorized places or posted in violation of this policy will be removed and a cleanup fee of $50 will be charged to any individual or organization that fails to adhere to these guidelines.  

Anyone posting in the Law School must remove the posting within seven days of the date listed on the posting or, if the posting relates to a specific event, within seven days of the conclusion of the advertised event.  On a periodic basis, Law School staff will remove all postings inconsistent with the Law School’s posting policy. To report violations of the Law School posting policy, please email lawpostingpolicy@lists.uchicago.edu and include a photo of the poster in violation. 

As with all violations of Law School and University policy, please note that violations of the Law School posting policy may in some instances lead to fines or disciplinary action.  

Chalking is allowed on public sidewalks around the Law School. Any chalking must be in compliance with these rules:

  1. Chalking on buildings, non-sidewalk, or non-walkway surfaces is prohibited.
  2. Water-soluble chalk must be used. Spray chalk is not allowed.
  3. Chalking must clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring LSSO.
  4. Chalking within the Laird Bell Law Quadrangle is not permitted. The quadrangle includes everything within the Law School fence to the north of the building, including the area around the reflecting pool and within the reflecting pool itself.
  5. Chalking along the south portico (the area immediately outside the South Green Lounge) or on the sidewalks between the parking lot and the south entrances to the Law School is not permitted.
  6. Chalking cannot interfere with or overlap someone else’s chalking.
  7. Chalking must be in compliance with the Law School’s Alcohol Policy.
  8. Chalking may remain in place for 48 hours.
  9. Chalking within 48 hours of a significant, Law School event is not permitted (e.g. Orientation, Family Weekend, Admitted Students Weekend, Reunion, Graduation, or other events as designated by the Law School).