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4.12 Electronic Devices & Headphones During Exams

The use of cell phones, tablets (iPads, etc.), second laptops, electronic dictionaries or other similar devices is strictly prohibited, unless use of such a device is approved as an ADA accommodation.

Students are strongly discouraged from using headphones, earbuds, or noise canceling devices during an exam as the majority of states do not allow such devices during the bar exam. We encourage students to take their exams in such a way that it prepares them for the bar. For students who need additional noise reduction, we encourage you to use ear plugs.

While we discourage you from using headphones, you are permitted to listen to music during an in-class proctored exam provided that it is not a closed-book exam. However, you must use earbuds or headphones. You may only listen to music via the laptop you are using for your exam. Please be courteous to your fellow students and disable all external audible cues or alarms and keep the music at a level that it will not be heard by your neighbor. 

Please also note the following:

  • Closed-book exams: All your laptop applications will be disabled. Thus, you may not use your laptop as a music source.
  • Limited-open-book exams with no internet access: You may listen to music stored locally on your laptop. 
  • Open-book exams: You may listen to music from your laptop, streaming from any source.
  • Take-home exams: You may listen to music from any source.