For students

Administrative Matters


Once you arrive on campus, you must get your picture taken to receive the University of Chicago Card, which allows you to access a wide variety of facilities, privileges, and services, including:

  • Entrance into the Law School, Regenstein, Mansueto, and Crerar Libraries.
  • The ability to borrow materials at all University libraries.
  • Entrance into the Gerald Ratner Athletic Center and the Henry Crown Field House (including the ability to rent athletic equipment, towels, and locks).
  • Entrance to The Pub (located in Ida Noyes Hall).
  • Entrance to the South Campus Dining Hall (if you have a prepaid meal plan).
  • The option to make cashless purchases on campus. You may transfer dollars directly onto the Chicago Card at ATM-like stations and purchase food and beverages from on-campus vending machines and use on-campus laundry machines and copiers.
  • Ride for free on CTA buses 170, 171, and 172 with your student ID.
  • Discounted or free admission to museums, theaters, and events around Chicago.  See
  • Copy, print, scan, or fax from various locations on campus
  • Access to Student Health Services

You may get your Chicago Card at the ID & Privileges Office, located in Room 100F in the lobby of Regenstein Library. You must bring a government-issued photo ID.  For additional information about the card and for office hours, go to

If you lose your card: Be sure to report it at once so that the privileges and services encoded on it can be disabled electronically. There is a charge for replacement cards. Cash value on the CashStripe of lost cards cannot be refunded.  Replacement cards may be obtained during regular business hours in the ID & Privileges Office located in the lobby of Regenstein Library.

Please note, because your picture will no longer be displayed to entry-control attendants, you may be stopped and asked to display your UChicago Card at entry-control points. 


The Law School has several faculty committees that advise the Dean, make recommendations, and establish policy (subject to the vote of the full faculty). Certain faculty committees may have student liaisons who may be selected by the Law Students Association (LSA) or appointed by faculty in consultation with the Dean of Students. They may meet with the committee, submit suggestions to the committee, and survey students when appropriate. Interested students should look for LSA’s liaison applications and/or contact the Dean of Students.

Students should feel free to discuss matters of interest with the appropriate faculty members or administrators.  For more information, please contact the Dean of Students or Deputy Dean. 


Student Organization leaders should consult the Student Organization Leader Handbook at for more information on these topics.

Reserving Rooms

Requests for room reservations for student groups are handled by the Office of the Dean of Students.  Students wishing to reserve a room must complete a room reservation form online at

Students also can reserve conference rooms in the D’Angelo Law Library at the Library Reference Desk or online at and by selecting from the “Find Spaces” options on the right.   

Room reservations that will require cleaning services outside normally scheduled hours (i.e., weekend programs where food will be consumed) may incur cleaning charges.


Students needing specialized equipment not present in the classrooms, auditorium, or courtroom, should contact the Facilities Manager as far in advance as possible. Students also should note this request on the room reservation form. If assistance from the IT staff is needed, contact the Director of IT.  Be sure to ask whether there will be any charges associated with the use of this equipment, e.g., rental (for equipment not owned by the Law School) or staff overtime.


Student organizations may wish to sponsor lunch events involving a speaker.  Food served at such events is strictly for students and others who are attending the program in question.  Any leftover food will be moved to the Green Lounge for general consumption.


When scheduling an event, students should first look in the upcoming events section of the Law School Briefs and on the Law School’s Master Calendar (available at to check for potential conflicts. Students should then fill out the online room request form.

Please also keep in mind that faculty members often use the lunchtime slot to schedule make-up classes. Make sure the event does not conflict with a make-up class whenever possible, as doing so usually hurts attendance at the student-sponsored event.


Under Illinois law, generally all new students are required to present proof of immunity from German measles, measles (two shots required), mumps, and tetanus/diphtheria (three shots required for foreign students). The Student Health Service notifies all new students of the requirement and provides instructions for compliance. After the third Friday of the first quarter of enrollment, those students who are not yet compliant will have their subsequent registrations restricted and will not have their restriction lifted until they have become compliant with the immunization requirement. This is a state requirement, and the Law School cannot provide an exemption and is unable to assist in obtaining an appointment to receive needed immunizations.  Students are urged to plan ahead and schedule an appointment as soon as possible to avoid having to get shots during final exams, etc.  Students may contact the Student Health Service at 773-702-4156 or visit