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4.8 Prohibition on Cutting and Pasting

Students are not permitted to download or cut/copy and paste into their in-class or take-home examination answers any material(s) from outside the examination OR to cut/copy and paste any material(s) from inside of their examination to an outside source. This rule also strictly prohibits a student from drafting an answer into Microsoft Word or another word processor and copying that answer into the exam-taking software. In other words, the only time cutting or copying and pasting is permitted during an exam is when a student types information into one answer field during the exam and moves it either into another field, or within the same exam answer field during the exam. Audits of student exam files are conducted each exam period, and violation of this rule may subject a student to disciplinary action.  

A student may not use Microsoft Word or any other word processing software or program during an exam to first type an exam answer and then to retype it into the exam software. Microsoft Word and other spelling/grammar check programs offer features not available in Exam4. Any such programs are not permitted during an exam.