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7.2 Immunizations

Under Illinois law, generally all new students are required to present proof of immunity from German measles, measles, and mumps (proof of two doses is required), tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (proof of three doses is required), and meningococcal for those students under 22 years of age The Student Health Service notifies all new students of the requirement and provides instructions for compliance. After the third Friday of the first quarter of enrollment, those students who are not yet compliant will have their subsequent registrations restricted and restrictions will not be lifted until they have become compliant with the immunization requirement.  The Law School cannot provide an exemption to this Illinois state requirement, nor is the Law School able to assist in obtaining an appointment to receive needed immunizations.  Students are urged to plan ahead and schedule an appointment as soon as possible to avoid having to get shots during final exams, etc.  For additional information, students should contact the Student Health & Counseling Services at 773-702-4156 or visit https://wellness.uchicago.edu/medical-services/immunizations/