Celebrating Richard Epstein

Alison Ranney, JD/MBA ’96, has been described as “thoughtfully remaking what leadership looks like across the country.”

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Amy M. Hermalik

Amy Hermalik on How Chicago's Sign Regulations Impact Small Business

"It should never be hard to understand and follow the law. When it is, no one wins."

Brian Leiter

Brian Leiter: "Supreme Court Nominations are Controversial because the Court is a Super-Legislature"

In a Washington Post op/ed, Professor Brian Leiter discusses why Supreme Court confirmation hearings are controversial.

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Chicago's Best Ideas with Nicholas Stephanopoulos


Room II
Participating faculty: Nicholas Stephanopoulos

Symposium on Personalized Law


Room V
Participating faculty: Omri Ben-Shahar, Anthony J. Casey, Ariel Porat, Lior Jacob Strahilevitz, Lee Fennell

Winter Quarter Papers Due (Graduating Students)