Conversation Among Law School Students Becomes Prescription for Better Reporting of Hate Crime Data

My Chicago Law Moment: Peter Altabef, ’83, on Professor David P. Currie’s Subtle Lessons in Storytelling and Respect

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Daniel R. Fischel

Daniel R. Fischel on the 'Feel-Good Folly of Fossil-Fuel Divestment'

A new study that I and my colleagues at Compass Lexecon are releasing on Tuesday indicates that fossil-fuel divestment could significantly harm an investment portfolio.

Brian Leiter

Brian Leiter: "Supreme Court Nominations are Controversial because the Court is a Super-Legislature"

In a Washington Post op/ed, Professor Brian Leiter discusses why Supreme Court confirmation hearings are controversial.

Jonathan S. Masur

Masur: Happiness Data Offers a New View of Law

If you want to understand law, you have to understand people. But people, as it turns out, don’t always understand themselves. For one thing, we’re lousy at knowing what makes us happy and lousy ...

Aziz Z. Huq Reviews a New History of "Tolerance"

Invoked against political protest, rejected as a national value, and conjured as a ground for strictly enforcing the law against children, the tolerance card today (sometimes intolerantly) is seemingly as empty as it is commonplace. Its promiscuity suggests that the word has come adrift from any conceptual or normative anchor.

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