How to Save a Constitutional Democracy: A Q&A with Professors Tom Ginsburg and Aziz Huq

My Chicago Law Moment: How the Law School Helped Jim Parsons, ’77, Prepare for Careers in Law and Philanthropy

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Saul Levmore

Honest Talk on Aging

Martha C. Nussbaum and Saul Levmore agree: people should talk more openly about growing old, and they should do a better job of planning ahead. For the longtime University of Chicago Law School co...

Geoffrey R. Stone

A Decade in the Making

A decade ago, when Geoffrey R. Stone was beginning to research his new book on sex, law, and religion, he wasn’t quite sure where his inquiry was headed. And that was unusual; he’d always started h...

The judiciary

New York Times Cites Research by Chilton and Rozema on How Law Clerks Influence Supreme Court Justices

The question of whether law clerks influence the judges they serve is a subject of longstanding debate, but it is no secret that law clerks routinely draft judicial opinions. A new study to be published in The Journal of Law, Economics & Organization found that law clerks do indeed play a role in judicial decision-making.

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Legal Forum Symposium: Law in the Era of #MeToo


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Participating faculty: Mary Anne Case, Valerie B. Jarrett