A Dream Deferred, Advanced, and Remembered: Law School Celebrates Earl Dickerson, JD 1920, with Centennial Event

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Dana Michelle Davenport, ’07: Following Many Right Paths Makes Connections and Supports Others

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Adam Chilton

A single percentage point increase in the number of conservative editors on a board can increase the percentage of articles by authors of the same political persuasion by 0.34 percent.

Lee Fennell
Interdisciplinary approach and accessible prose shows how housing law and policy impacts household wealth, financial markets, urban landscapes, and local communities

No area of law and policy is more central to our well-being than housing, yet research on the topic is too often produced in disciplinary or methodological silos that fail to connect to policy on t...

Daniel Hemel

Miranda Fleischer and Daniel Hemel have written a terrific article, The Architecture of a Basic Income, about a universal basic income, or UBI. They offer concrete policy advice grounded in philoso...

Congressional "poison pills" could come in one of two flavors: The first type would hitch constitutionally vulnerable items to provisions that a conservative court would be loathe to invalidate. The second would trigger a fallback measure — if one part of the legislation is struck down — that would be highly obnoxious to an ideological bench, but beyond its power to invalidate.


Online-Only Law School Event


Online-Only Law School Event


Online-Only Law School Event
Participating faculty: Daniel Hemel, Jennifer Nou