Arguing before the Seventh Circuit from Home: Students Deliver Their First Federal Appellate Arguments by iPhone and Zoom

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Law Students Share Personal Stories of Resilience through Bridges

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Law School Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

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Jonathan S. Masur

If you want to understand law, you have to understand people. But people, as it turns out, don’t always understand themselves. For one thing, we’re lousy at knowing what makes us happy and lousy a...

Elizabeth Kregor

In separate developments, Aldermen Leslie Hairston and Patrick Thompson proposed to rezone commercial corridors in South Shore and Bridgeport, respectively, as single-family residential — meaning e...

Lior J. Strahilevitz

Lior Strahilevitz has researched and taught Internet privacy law for 15 years. When he started, most law schools didn’t offer courses in the subject—there wasn’t a ton of interest in the topic, he ...

President Trump

With Joe Biden’s lead in the polls, many Democrats and Republican Never-Trumpers are increasingly optimistic that US President Donald Trump will lose in November. But it would be a mistake to count Trump out. He has formidable advantages that will become more salient as the election nears. These advantages have nothing to do with his accomplishments or failures, and everything to do with his mastery of political theater.


Participating faculty: Aziz Z. Huq, Jennifer Nou


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Room V
Participating faculty: Daniel Hemel, Jennifer Nou