Students Travel to Switzerland and Denmark through Law School's International Immersion Program

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Kara Ingelhart, ’15: Serving the Community as a Lawyer, Mentor, and LGBTQ Rights Advocate

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Law School Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

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Sarah M. Konsky
New SCOTUS Clinic Builds Skills and Political Capital

One afternoon a few weeks into the school year, Joshua Pickar, ’17, spent three hours in a Washington, DC, hotel conference room hammering a former Illinois solicitor general with questions. The pr...

Bridget Fahey
New Hires Bring Expertise in Criminal Justice, Federalism, Environmental Regulation, and Energy Law

Four new scholars, including a leading expert in criminal law and three rising stars in American federalism, energy law, and environmental regulation, will join the University of Chicago Law School...

Emily Buss
In a Seminar on the Rights of Minors, Law Students Taught Local Youth—and Saw the Law Through a New Lens

Darrius Atkins, ’19, had a question for the four teenagers who were gathered in a University of Chicago Law School seminar room one night last month: did the US Supreme Court get it right when they...


Weymouth Kirkland Courtroom
Participating faculty: Curtis A. Bradley


Weymouth Kirkland Courtroom
Participating faculty: Sonja B. Starr