Four New Faculty Join Law School, Bringing Expertise in Federalism, Environmental Regulation, Energy Law, and Criminal Justice

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Anthony J. Casey

Finding Meaning in Rules and Standards

Through the lens of law and economics, legal scholars have extracted useful meaning from the rules-and-standards debate—a discussion that has long divided those who practice and study law, Anthony ...

Omri Ben-Shahar

Prof. Omri Ben-Shahar on Why the FAA Should Not Regulate Airline Seat Space

The FAA, correctly remembering that its primary role is to regulate safety, not comfort, has been reluctant so far to intervene in the matter and to issue seat-size regulations.

Randal C. Picker

Randy Picker on the EU's Massive Antitrust Fine Against Google

“Google is in the advertising business. That's how it makes its money. It has no obligation to put other people’s ads on its website.”

Earl B. Dickerson Centennial Conference (NEW DATE)


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Law for the Next Pandemic


Room V
Participating faculty: Daniel Hemel, Jennifer Nou