BLSA Honors Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson at Third Annual Parsons Dinner

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Law School Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

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David A. Strauss

Geoffrey Stone and David Strauss Discuss the Past and Future of Free Speech

Geoffrey Stone and David Strauss weigh 21st-century challenges to the letter and spirit of the First Amendment.

Mary Anne Case

Pacific Standard Cites Mary Anne Case's Research on Sex-Segregated Bathrooms

While plenty of sociological research has suggested that our muted, passive interactions with most strangers in restrooms are governed by strict yet unspoken behavior codes, Mary Anne Case, a profe...

Lisa Bernstein

Bernstein Discusses the Theory of the Firm in Reputation Magazine

As lawyers we’re trained to think that everybody on the opposite side is going to act opportunistically and strategically at every turn, and that we’re supposed to constrain them through contracts....


Daniel Hemel on Who is Left Out of the Senate Stimulus Package

The legislation bars an important group from receiving rebates: elderly and disabled adults who are financially dependent on family members. The result is that the largest aid package in U.S. history — intended to afford relief from the consequences of COVID-19 — gives nothing at all to millions of people in the population segment most vulnerable to the novel coronavirus.

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