The Camaraderie and Competition of the Hinton Moot Court

My Chicago Law Moment: How the Law School Helped Jim Parsons, ’77, Prepare for Careers in Law and Philanthropy

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Thomas J. Miles

"This is a Moment to Build on Our Strengths": A Discussion with Dean Thomas J. Miles

Thomas J. Miles found his intellectual home at the University of Chicago. He earned his PhD here, and he joined the Law School faculty in 2005, a year after arriving as an Olin Fellow in Law and Ec...

Lior J. Strahilevitz

Omri Ben-Shahar and Lior Jacob Strahilevitz on United's Contract with Passengers

Surely, you’d think, United’s lawyers worked hard to draft a contract that would allow United to demand passengers on oversold flights to surrender their seats, as the airline did prior to the infa...

Douglas G. Baird

Abebe and Baird Elected to the American Law Institute

The American Law Institute has elected 58 new members who will bring their expertise in several areas of law to ALI’s work of clarifying the law through Restatements, Principles and the Model Penal...

The judiciary

New York Times Cites Research by Chilton and Rozema on How Law Clerks Influence Supreme Court Justices

The question of whether law clerks influence the judges they serve is a subject of longstanding debate, but it is no secret that law clerks routinely draft judicial opinions. A new study to be published in The Journal of Law, Economics & Organization found that law clerks do indeed play a role in judicial decision-making.

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