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2.5 Courses In Your Final Quarter

Students may graduate at the end of all four University quarters, although the vast majority of students graduate at the conclusion of the spring quarter. Students wishing to graduate in autumn, winter, or summer quarters must follow certain guidelines when selecting classes for their last quarter.

All papers for summer, autumn, and winter quarter candidates for graduation are due approximately two weeks prior to the University’s final grade submission deadline. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for deadlines at http://www.law.uchicago.edu/students/academiccalendar. These deadlines are firm and cannot be waived or modified by faculty.


  1. Students graduating in autumn who need to complete autumn coursework may not register for exam classes because final grades are due to the University prior to the start of final exams.
  2. Depending on the academic calendar for the specific year, students graduating in winter might be able to register for exam classes, provided that:
    1. The exams are take-home and self-scheduled or scheduled sufficiently early in the exam period; and
    2. The student agrees to take the exam(s) at least one day before final grades are due to the University; and
    3. The faculty member agrees to grade the exam so as to meet the University’s grading deadline.

      Unless all three conditions are met, the autumn rules above apply.
  3. The Law School offers no summer quarter classes for purposes of graduation, and students may not take summer quarter classes in other University units and apply them towards the J.D. degree without written permission from the Dean of Students. Students may, however, register for an independent research at the Law School, complete pending Law School work from prior quarters or enroll in classes required to fulfill graduation requirements of a dual degree other than the J.D. degree and therefore officially graduate at the end of the summer quarter.

Students who graduate in the summer, autumn and winter quarters may participate in the spring quarter Law School Diploma & Hooding Ceremony subsequent to the quarter of their graduation