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1.15 Professional Skills Course & Experiential Learning Requirement

Beginning with the Class of 2019, all J.D. students must take at least eight total credits in experiential courses, which may be simulation courses, law clinics, and field placements.  A simulation course provides extensive opportunities to practice negotiation, memo-drafting, client interaction, court presentation and other lawyerly skills, and includes instructor feedback with respect to the development of these skills. The Law School is expanding such offerings, and also contemplates that the spring quarter of the Bigelow program, which is a simulation of producing a brief and arguing in court, will count for one such credit.  Faculty-led policy practica will count for such credits, as they are equivalent to clinics in nature.

Note that some state bars are considering having higher experiential requirements. Please make sure you research any special requirements in this regard.

For the Class of 2017 and Class of 2018 only, all J.D. students must successfully complete one or more classes that have been approved by the Law School’s Committee on Professional Skills Development as fulfilling the professional skills requirement set by the Accreditation Committee of the American Bar Association.

For a list of classes that satisfy the professional skills and/or experiential learning requirement, please review the Law School’s course offerings website at  Please also note that a course used to satisfy either writing requirement cannot also be used to satisfy the skills requirement.