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4.13 Exam Scheduling

Students are expected to take their examinations at the scheduled dates and times. Students must refrain from scheduling other activities (employment start dates, interviews, travel, etc.) during the overall exam period as published in the Academic Calendar (including official make-up days) until the detailed exam schedule is announced and they know the specific days and times of each exam. In case of illness, accident, or other last-minute emergencies, students must contact the Dean of Students or the Office of the Registrar via email and by phone prior to the start of the examination.  Because of the importance of anonymous grading, students must not discuss any exam scheduling or re-scheduling issues with faculty. Violation of this rule may result in disciplinary action.

Exam scheduling changes for conflicts with important scheduled events rarely will be granted. To qualify, the event must be a significant life event that requires a student’s attendance (e.g., sister’s wedding), the selection of the date must have been outside of the student’s control, and the student must notify the Dean of Students as soon as the event is scheduled. A student should not make travel arrangements for such events until permission is granted. 

If an exam falls on a religious holiday a student observes, the student should notify the Dean of Students early in the quarter to arrange an appropriate make-up time.

Under no circumstances can exams be administered earlier than the date set forth in the exam schedule. Any rescheduled exams must take place after the date set on the exam schedule.  

PLEASE NOTE: Students will be expected to provide documentation to support requests to re-schedule an examination (note from treating physician, verification of pre-scheduled events, etc.).  

The petition to reschedule an exam is available online at http://www.law.uchicago.edu/students/petitions/moveexam and must be completed no later than the first day of the reading period preceding the examination, although students are encouraged to complete the petition as soon as possible. Failure to complete the petition by that date may result in denial of a petition, as facilities/proctors may not be available. The exam will be rescheduled to the following day in which the student does not have a proctored exam.

Petitions to reschedule an exam will be approved by the Office of the Registrar as a matter of course under the following circumstances:

In all other circumstances, students must complete the Special Request section of the petition. The petition will be forwarded to the Dean of Students for consideration.  

The decision of whether to grant a request to reschedule an exam will be made by the Dean of Students.