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2.15 CPT for International Law Students

International Law students who wish to work in the United States must obtain permission to do so through the Office of International Affairs’ curricular practical training (“CPT”) program.  The Law School uses course-based CPT, which requires students to register for an independent research with a faculty member that complements or supports the student’s employment position.  Students should note that the Law School only permits CPT in conjunction with summer employment, and students therefore are not eligible for CPT during the academic year.  

International Law students wishing to work during the summer have the option of completing the independent research during the spring quarter (prior to commencing employment) or during the summer (contemporaneously with employment).  Students choosing to register for summer CPT will be assessed tuition for summer registration.  For summer 2023, students were charged $250.  For additional information regarding CPT, students should consult with the Office of International Affairs and/or the Office of the Dean of Students.