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12.1 Bills

The Office of the Bursar is the best resource to ask about the University’s bills.

In general, though, bills are generated by their office approximately three to four weeks before the beginning of each quarter. Scholarship and loan support is generally credited on the initial quarterly bill. Students are expected to pay the difference before the deadline. Subsequent bills are generated by the Bursar on a monthly basis.

If you are unable to pay your bill, you must contact the Bursar’s Office in order to receive an extension. They are usually very accommodating when reasons for delay involve a loan processing problem or a personal problem. If you have difficulty with your bill after it is due, e.g., a returned check, you should contact their office. Do not wait to resolve a problem.

More information about the Bursar’s billing and payment processes, as well as their contact information, can be found on their website at bursar.uchicago.edu.

Late Payment Fees

Failure to pay the first bill by the due date set by the Bursar will result in late payment fees. In some cases, the Dean of Students may request that the late payment fee be waived. This will only be done if the student can establish in writing that there were circumstances beyond the student’s and the student’s family’s control.

Unsettled Accounts

A student who fails to settle any account due to the University will not be considered to be in good standing. Students with unsettled accounts will have their registration restricted and have a hold placed on the release of their diploma. Until the restriction is lifted, the student may lose health insurance coverage, library privileges, and may encounter problems with their bar applications.

Any of the following unsettled charges may trigger a restriction: tuition and fees, room and board, rental charges for University housing, or charges imposed for violation of University rules (such as library fines, parking fines, or late registration fees). Also included are loans from the University (whether derived from its own sources or under governmental programs). The University reserves the right to waive the application of this rule in appropriate cases.