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4.6 In-Class Examinations

In-class examinations are scheduled for a particular day during the exam period. They generally are scheduled for three hours, although a faculty member may give students more or less time. Proctors are present in the room during the examination. In-class exams can be open book, closed book, or limited open book. Laptop use on exams—using the appropriate exam-taking software—is mandatory.  Students are permitted the use of a single laptop during each in-class exam. The use of cell phones, tablets (iPads, iPods, etc.), listening to music via any device, second laptops, or other similar devices is strictly prohibited, absent use of such a device as an approved ADA accommodation. Students may not discuss the exam or share exam questions with any other person until after the end of the exam period. Questions or concerns should be directed to the Registrar or Dean of Students.