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3.6 Auditing Law Classes

Permission to audit a Law class gives an auditor the opportunity to sit through a Law School class, but auditors may not hand in papers or participate in evaluations of the instructor or class. An auditor does not receive Law School or University credit for the class, nor is the class recorded on a transcript. Instructors may deny any request to audit a class.

Students enrolled at the University of Chicago may audit law classes with permission of the instructor. Students are required to obtain the approval of the instructor on the auditing petition available online at: https://www.law.uchicago.edu/students/academics/petitions. For some courses, primarily courses offered to 1Ls (or their equivalents offered to LLMs), non-law auditors are not permitted.

First year J.D. students are not permitted to audit classes during their 1L year. 

Students are not permitted to audit more than one Law class per quarter. Students may not audit a class that has a time conflict with a class in which they are also enrolled. Courses taught in the first year curriculum may not be audited. 

Individuals not currently enrolled at the University of Chicago are prohibited from auditing law classes in the 2023-2024 academic year. 

Please note that all petitions to audit Law School classes are subject to review by the Deputy Dean and/or the Dean of Students.