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1.21 Policy for New Student Journals or Reviews

Law School students seeking to establish a new journal or review shall submit copies of their proposal to the Deputy Dean and Dean of Students. The proposal shall include the following:

(1)        A description of the intended journal or review;

(2)        A statement as to the need for a new journal or review in the relevant field;

(3)        An  assessment  of  whether  sufficient  scholarly  source  material  exists  to  support  sustained publication in the field;

(4)        A discussion of how the journal or review will build upon or create new strengths at the Law School;

(5)        A plan for funding the journal or review and an estimate of the start-up and annual operating costs;

(6)        An analysis and information showing that there is significant student interest in participating on such a journal or review over the long term;

(7)        The name of a faculty member who has reviewed your proposal and agreed to serve as the faculty advisor; and

(8)        The proposal shall also include Bylaws which will cover at least the following topics:

  1. The planned timing and frequency of publication of the journal or review;
  2. The proposed format of the journal or review (online format or hard copy edition);
  3. The planned organization of the journal or review including the level of student staffing and governance structure for its leadership (e.g., Board of Editors, Executive Board, etc.);
  4. The eligibility requirements for student participation on the journal or review; and
  5. The timing and process for student selection.

The Deputy Dean and the Dean of Students may return the proposal to students with a request for additional information, or forward it to the Dean with a recommendation for approval or denial of the request.