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Interdisciplinary Inquiry

UChicago's devotion to interdisciplinary inquiry is as old as the school itself. It grows out of our conviction that the law does not exist in a vacuum. We can understand the law and legal methods only if we understand both how the law affects the behavior of the society it governs and how the law reflects the values of that society.

Interdisciplinary Programs

International and Comparative Law: The University of Chicago Law School has a broad commitment to the study and practice of International Law.

Law and Economics: The centerpiece of the School's commitment the study of the law and economics is the Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics.

Law and Philosophy: The Law School offers an extremely broad and deep program of interdisciplinary study in law and philosophy, with attention to both the major historical figures and contemporary problems.

Legal History: The Legal History Program at the University of Chicago draws upon the faculty in both the Law School and the History Department.

Law and Business: In addition to our Commercial, Business, and Labor Law courses, our selective Doctoroff Business Leadership Program blends the best of the MBA curriculum into our prestigious, three-year Law School education.

Public Interest and Public Service

The Law School offers support to students and graduates seeking public interest work, including through individual counseling and resource matching, information on job opportunities, guaranteed summer public interest funding, post-graduate public service financial support, speakers and programs, networking connections, and more.

Public Interest Resources
How the Law School Supports Students as Scholars

At the Law School, the story of students as scholars is one of collaboration and insatiable curiosity, much of it powered by students’ desire to turn their current pursuits into tools that will help them forge their way in legal academia and legal practice—and, perhaps, make a difference in how we think about the law and society.

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