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1.27 Class Recording Policy

Generally, recording Law School classes is strictly prohibited. Although the Law School does not record classes for students who must miss class for other reasons (illness, death in the family, etc.), the Law School does attempt to record classes for students who must miss class due to observance of religious holidays.

Students wishing to request that a class be recorded due to observance of religious holidays must complete the petition available at

All requests must be made at least seven days in advance.  Submission of recording requests does not guarantee that a request will be granted by the faculty member or that there will not be a problem with the recording, so students are strongly encouraged to secure notes from a classmate as well. 

Please also note that students should not contact their professor directly about recording classes; the Office of the Registrar will request permission and coordinate everything centrally, ensuring consistency and reducing confusion. 

In addition to recording for observance of religious holidays, the Law School at times may be required to record classes in order to meet specific legal or regulatory obligations (for example, to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Rehabilitation Act). 

If students decline to have the Law School record their participation in class for the sole purpose of allowing another student enrolled in the course to listen to the class discussion, after which time the recording is permanently destroyed, students must object in writing to the Dean of Students by the end of the second week of the quarter. 

The Law School records classes with appropriate permissions and safeguards and for the very limited purposes described above.  Students who record class on their own risk disciplinary and other action and potentially may violate Illinois law. 

Please direct questions about recording requests or concerns to the Dean of Students and the Office of the Registrar.