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Students are encouraged to regularly review The Law School Briefs, a bulletin of activities and announcements for the Law School community, published and emailed to the Law School community every Monday by the Law School Office of Communications


The University of Chicago Law School maintains two listservs to which students are allowed to send messages consistent with the policies listed below.  The first, LawAnnounce, ( is intended to give current students at the Law School a forum to post and receive “unofficial” announcements of general interest.  The second, LSA-Orgs ( is intended to allow the Law School’s student organizations to post announcements regarding upcoming speakers and events.  Although some policies apply to both the LawAnnounce and LSA-Orgs listservs (referred to in this document together as “the listservs”), they have unique uses and therefore specific requirements for usage.   

The listservs are intended for the exclusive use of University of Chicago Law School students, faculty and staff.  J.D. and LL.M. students will be automatically subscribed to the listservs upon registration and unsubscribed upon graduation.  Additionally, both listservs are shut down for a few weeks each summer and everyone is unsubscribed during that time. Any individual who wishes to unsubscribe may do so at any time, and instructions will be included with your subscription information.  The University of Chicago Law School owns both listservs and therefore reserves the right to monitor all messages and to unsubscribe any participant (without notice) who uses these communication sites in an improper, inappropriate, or illegal manner.  Only subscribed email addresses can send message to either of the listservs.  By remaining subscribed to either or both listservs (i.e., by not unsubscribing), you have indicated your agreement to comply with the Law School’s guidelines for use of Law School listservs. 

Neither listserv will be used for official announcements.  Anyone sending a message to either of the listservs should first ensure that the content warrants being sent to nearly 700 people and that it is something that they are comfortable with students, faculty, and staff receiving, as members of all three groups are subscribed to the listservs.  All Law School and University disciplinary policies govern use of the listservs.   


Students may find LawAnnounce useful for informal gatherings and social event reminders, items for sale or items wanted, lost and found messages, rides to the airport, etc. 

LawAnnounce is not to be used for any official Law School business or event posting (including but not limited to registration information, student organization meeting or major event announcements, communications from the administration, etc.). 

Emails to LawAnnounce should:

  1. Be 50 Words or Less;
  2. Clearly identify the topic in the subject line (to facilitate filtering):
    1. Lost / Found Item
    2. Ride Needed / Ride Offered
    3. Social Event  [include Date, Time & Place]  (Note: There should be no more than two postings per event)
    4. Class Discussion Group Meeting
    5. Item for Sale; Items Wanted
    6. Community Service Event
    7. Other
  3. Include the date of the event/activity; and
  4. Include contact information for the sender (email address and/or cell phone number for the contact person).

It is important to use the topics listed above in the subject line of all emails sent to the listserv.

The LawAnnounce listserv should NOT be used for:

  1. Event postings by LSA organizations (LSA-orgs is expressly for that purpose);
  2. Excessive event advertising (no more than 2 posts per event);
  3. Postings that refer to or encourage drinking, whether directly or indirectly (i.e. getting “wasted,” drink prices, etc.), are sexually explicit, use racial or other slurs, personally attack a member of the Law School community (including students, professors, and administrators), or are otherwise inappropriate in any way;
  4. Rebuttals to previous postings you found offensive or about which you disagree (respond to the poster individually);
  5. Political commentary;
  6. News stories that you think are interesting; or
  7. Jokes you find amusing.


LSA organizations are required to use the LSA-Orgs listserv for event announcements, which are limited to two emails per event.  As with LawAnnounce, postings should be short (50 words or less if possible), clearly identify the topic in the subject line, include the date of the event/activity, and include the contact information for the sender.  It is also important that all co-sponsoring organizations/offices/firms be listed in publicity sent to LSA-Orgs.  LSA-Orgs emails may not refer to or encourage drinking, whether directly or indirectly (i.e. getting “wasted,” prices for alcoholic beverages, etc.), be sexually explicit, use racial or other slurs, personally attack a member of the Law School, or otherwise be inappropriate in any way.


The Law School permits Law School and University of Chicago organizations, schools, divisions, departments, and members of the Law School or University of Chicago community to post documents, fliers, signs, or posters in designated areas in the Law School.  All postings must be dated and only one posting per location/bulletin board is permitted.  Anonymous postings are strictly prohibited in the Law School, and all postings must include the name of a current University of Chicago-affiliated contact (whether an organization, a school, a division, a department, or an individual) and an active email address. 

Postings are only permitted in designated areas in the Law School.  Those designated areas are limited to (1) the free-standing boards for fliers for “today’s events” only; (2) the bulletin board located above the mail folders; (3) the holders outside classroom doors; (4) the designated student organization bulletin boards; (5) the kiosk boards on the lower level; and (6) the bulletin board space inside classrooms I-IV right inside the north door to each of those rooms. No signs, fliers, or posters are permitted on any other surfaces within the building ― wood, glass, columns in the Green Lounge, classroom walls, tables, desks, counters, etc. Signs, documents, fliers, or posters placed in unauthorized places or posted in violation of this policy will be removed and a cleanup fee of $50 will be charged to any individual or organization that fails to adhere to these guidelines. 

Anyone posting in the Law School must remove the posting within seven days of the date listed on the posting or, if the posting relates to a specific event, within seven days of the conclusion of the advertised event.  On a periodic basis, Law School staff will remove all postings inconsistent with the Law School’s posting policy.  To report violations of the Law School posting policy, please email

As with all violations of Law School and University policy, please note that violations of the Law School posting policy may in some instances lead to fines or disciplinary action.          


All Law School students are required to check email each business day during the academic year. Most administrative announcements will be sent via email, and students are responsible for the information. Students who have a personal email account they prefer to use must link their UChicago account to it, as all announcements will be sent to the UChicago address. Please refer to the Policy of Information Technology Resources online at for a description of the responsibilities of users of the University’s computer system.  Students who decide to link their personal email account to their UChicago account should keep in mind that they must still log into their UChicago account periodically to delete messages.  IT Services will turn off email accounts that go over capacity, creating a risk of missing important Law School announcements.

4.6 MAIL

Student mail folders are located in the south end of the classroom wing. Folders are color coded to reflect class year. The class year is also noted on the identification tab. Students should check these folders daily for important notices. LL.M.s - Yellow,  Class of 2018 – Red, Class of 2019 – Green, and Class of 2020 – Blue. Mail folders should not be used for storage, receiving book sales payments, etc., and students are advised to remember that mail folders are not secure.