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8. Communications

8.1 Law School Briefs

Students are encouraged to regularly review The Law School Briefs, a bulletin of activities and announcements for the Law School community, published and emailed to the Law School community every Monday by the Law School Office of Communications.

8.2 Law Events Listserv

In addition to the Law School Briefs, LSSOs have access to advertise their events through the law_events listserv. All incoming students are automatically added to this listserv. Students have the ability to opt out of the listserv or to change their settings through https://lists.uchicago.edu. Students can change their settings to receive a daily digest of emails. This will decrease the frequency with which they receive emails.

Only approved LSSOs, LSA and a select group of approved organizations may send to the law_events lists. Approved groups include the student run Journals, Law School Grad Council reps, and the organizers of Law School Trivia. Students wishing to have access to the list should contact the Dean of Students.

Approved groups must abide by the following listserv rules:

  • Organizations may advertise their event up to two times through the listserv.
  • Organizations may only send emails related to events or in relation to the recruitment and announcement of their boards. Emails for purposes other than events (e.g. selling or lost items, commentary on events, news stories, jokes, etc.) will not be permitted.
  • Event images and PDFs directly related to the purpose of the event may be included.
  • LSSOs should begin the subject of their email with their organization abbreviation where applicable.

Student orgs found in violation of these rules may face sanctions, including loss of listserv privileges, for a period of time.

8.3 Law School Posting Policy

The Law School permits Law School and University of Chicago organizations, schools, divisions, departments, and members of the Law School or University of Chicago community to post documents, fliers, signs, or posters in designated areas in the Law School. All postings must be dated and only one posting per location/bulletin board is permitted. Anonymous postings are strictly prohibited in the Law School, and all postings must include the name of a current University of Chicago-affiliated contact (whether an organization, a school, a division, a department, or an individual) and an active uchicago.edu email address. 

Postings are only permitted in designated areas in the Law School. Those designated areas are limited to:

  1. the free-standing boards for fliers for “today’s events” only;
  2. the bulletin board located above the mail folders;
  3. the holders outside classroom doors;
  4. the designated student organization bulletin boards;
  5. the kiosk boards on the lower level; and
  6. the bulletin board space inside classrooms I-IV right inside the north door to each of those rooms.

No signs, fliers, or posters are permitted on any other surfaces within the building ― wood, glass, columns in the Green Lounge, classroom walls, tables, desks, counters, etc. Signs, documents, fliers, or posters placed in unauthorized places or posted in violation of this policy will be removed and a cleanup fee of $50 will be charged to any individual or organization that fails to adhere to these guidelines. 

Anyone posting in the Law School must remove the posting within seven days of the date listed on the posting or, if the posting relates to a specific event, within seven days of the conclusion of the advertised event.  On a periodic basis, Law School staff will remove all postings inconsistent with the Law School’s posting policy. To report violations of the Law School posting policy, please email lawpostingpolicy@lists.uchicago.edu.

As with all violations of Law School and University policy, please note that violations of the Law School posting policy may in some instances lead to fines or disciplinary action.          

8.4 Email

All Law School students are required to check email each business day during the academic year. Most administrative announcements will be sent via email, and students are responsible for the information. Students who have a personal email account they prefer to use must link their UChicago account to it, as all announcements will be sent to the UChicago address. Please refer to the Policy of Information Technology Resources online at https://itservices.uchicago.edu/page/it-policies for a description of the responsibilities of users of the University’s computer system.  Students who decide to link their personal email account to their UChicago account should keep in mind that they must still log into their UChicago account periodically to delete messages.  IT Services will turn off email accounts that go over capacity, creating a risk of missing important Law School announcements.  

8.5 Audio and Video Recordings of Events

Public lectures at the Law School are often recorded, whether by the Law School itself or by the host organization, and those recordings are often made public on the internet and/or archived in the library. For outside speakers, the Law School and any entity within it only have the right to distribute those recordings with the express written permission of the speakers. Forms for providing permission are available at https://www.law.uchicago.edu/files/record.distribute.permission.pdf.

The circulation or publication of the text of public lectures by University faculty or academic staff has long been considered normal and unproblematic; at the same time any reservation or refusal expressed by the presenter has always been respected. Consistent with this practice, public lectures by Law School faculty and staff may be recorded and used by the Law School, subject to Law School and University policy. The Law School may use for non-commercial purposes recordings of public lectures or presentations delivered by its employees within the scope of employment, even if copyright ownership is ceded to the author(s). Concomitantly, ONLY the University and the Law School, acting through the appropriate University and Law School officials, have the right to make and use recordings of the faculty's public lectures on campus unless special arrangements are made with the University and/or Law School. In keeping with past practice, any reservation or refusal expressed by the faculty member should be respected.

Organizers of any event being recorded for distribution or archiving should announce at the start of the event that the event is being recorded. By remaining at the event, attendees give their permission to have their image and/or voice be recorded and used for University and/or Law School purposes.

Student groups wishing to record events are subject to the same rules and must secure appropriate permissions for recording and distribution.

Recordings made at the University should be marked, "Copyright [date], The University of Chicago." While the copyright of the recording is in the name of the University, the author of the underlying recorded work retains all applicable rights to that work.

Outside of student organizations who have already received express permission from their speaker to record an event, students may not audio record or video record lectures or events that take place within the Law School.

8.6 Personal Recording and Photography

Members of the Law School community are welcome to take photographs inside the Law School building. All members of the community are expected to respect anyone’s wishes not to be photographed.

Anyone from outside the Law School community must have permission to photograph, audio record, video record, or otherwise document within the Law School building, regardless of whether the documentation is of people or architecture. Those wishing to photograph or record inside the Law School building should contact the Communications Office.

8.7 Photography at the Law School

The Law School often photographs events held at the Law School and off campus as well as general photography of Law School life. These photographs are used for non-commercial Law School purposes. By attendance at these events or presence during the photography session, attendees grant permission for their photograph to be taken and for these photos to be used for Law School purposes. Any reservation and refusal will be respected; every effort will be made to avoid photographing attendees wishing not to be photographed when they make their wishes known, and the Law School will make every effort not to use particular photos if a request is received by the Communications Office. Those who prefer not to be photographed are requested to avoid the camera when possible.