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13.5 Grade Reviews: Administrative, arithmetical, or mechanical error

Ordinarily, once a grade has been posted to a student’s academic record, the grade becomes final. A student may submit a request for a Grade Review directly to an instructor if the student believes that an administrative, arithmetical, or mechanical error has occurred. (Note: this process does not allow an instructor to consider new information, to reevaluate the substance of a student’s work, or to consider factors outside of the academic work.) All grade review requests related to administrative, arithmetical, or mechanical grading errors must be submitted by the first day of the first full quarter after the grade has been posted to the student’s academic record (e.g. for an Autumn quarter grade that is posted in Winter, then the deadline for the grievance will be the first day of the subsequent Spring quarter). Upon receipt of the grade review request, the instructor will review the student’s submission and the student’s exam, paper, or other academic work to determine whether an administrative error occurred. The instructor shall then inform the student in writing as to the outcome of the student’s request. The instructor shall respond to the student’s request within 15 business days from receipt of the request, if practicable. The instructor’s decision shall be final and is not subject to review by or appeal to the Dean, Deputy Dean, Dean of Students, the Registrar, or other administrators. Once final grades for graduating students have been sent to the University Registrar, no grade may be changed by an instructor for any reason.