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3.5 Greenberg Seminars

Greenberg Seminars, open only to Law School students, are designed to afford students the opportunity to engage in informal discussions with Law School faculty members on a range of topics. The groups, normally limited to 12 students, meet in a faculty member’s home when possible five or more times over one or more quarters, and students must write and submit a short paper consistent with the faculty member’s requirements. Topics and participating faculty are announced prior to the autumn quarter registration period. Participating students earn one credit, which is by default allocated to the first quarter in which the seminar meets. Students may reallocate the credit to any other quarter in which the specific Greenberg seminar meets. To reallocate credit, students must contact the Office of the Registrar within the applicable add/drop period. Attendance at all sessions is required to earn the credit. Second-year students may take only one Greenberg Seminar during their second year, and priority is given to third-year students who have not previously participated in a Greenberg Seminar and who are not currently registered in another Greenberg Seminar. In certain instances, faculty will determine enrollment for their section, and there is generally a limit on the number of seats for non-JD students. Students may bid for more than one Greenberg but initially will be enrolled in only one. Greenberg Seminars are graded Pass/Fail and do not count toward the 40 core credit requirement.