Wellness Wednesday Programming


Wellness Wednesday Programs are designed to foster the development of healthy habits and lay the groundwork for students to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The Office of the Dean of Students offers a variety of programs and activities throughout the year that focus on living and being well.  Wellness Wednesdays teach students healthy habits now so they can use them throughout their studies and carry those healthy habits into their practice as an attorney. By providing tools and information that aim to enhance students’ quality of life and academic success, Wellness Wednesdays help students become more healthy, confident, and resilient individuals.

Wellness Wednesdays take place the first Wednesday of each month and consist of a program during the lunch hour and an activity in the afternoon. Some of the most popular programs and activities in the past have included yoga and meditation classes, sessions on body image and eating disorder awareness and the importance of being financially fit, and ice skating on the Midway.

In addition to our monthly Wellness Wednesday Programming, the Law School sponsors bi-weekly yoga sessions.  Yoga at the Law School encourages students to take the time out of their busy schedules to destress, refocus, and relax. The dates and times of yoga classes changes for each class so be on the lookout for posters around the Law School.

If you have any questions about Wellness programming, please contact the Dean of Students Office at deanofstudents@law.uchicago.edu.