Business and Leadership Training

Kapnick Leadership Development Initiative

This pioneering program, the first of its kind among elite law schools, introduces systematic leadership development and training to the first-year law students. In the tradition of the University’s interdisciplinary, collaborative approach, the Law School has partnered with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business to implement the program, which is modeled on the business school’s successful Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD) class but customized for law students. Drawing on the latest advances in neuroscience and other fields, Kapnick gives students the tools to respond to the legal profession’s unique challenges.

Doctoroff Business Leadership Program

The Doctoroff Business Leadership Program is a certificate-granting program designed to provide UChicago Law students with the analytical tools to be preeminent not just in the practice of law, but also in business. The Program focuses on preparing law students to advise, run, and create business enterprises large and small. The program makes available to all students a series of core business courses. In addition, it provides a smaller set of students committed to careers in business with a unique array of mentorship, internship, and enrichment opportunities not normally found in law schools.