Family Law, Property Rights, Torts, and Insurance Courses

The courses listed below provide a taste of the Family Law, Property Rights, Torts, and Insurance courses offered at the Law School, although no formal groupings exist in our curriculum. This list includes the courses taught in the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years. Not all of these courses are offered every year, but this list will give you a representative sample of the variety of courses we might offer over any two-year period. Other new courses will likely be offered during your time at the Law School. To browse course descriptions for the current year, visit our Students section.


Abrams Environmental Law Clinic
Advanced Contracts: Sales Law for A Modern Economy
Animal Law
Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking
The Constitution Goes to School 
Current Issues in Patent Law
Divorce Practice and Procedure
Employee Benefits Law
Employment Discrimination Clinic
Employment Discrimination Law
Employment Law
Energy Law
Environmental Law
Fair Housing 
Family Law
Frontiers of Consumer Protection Law 
Gendered Violence and the Law Clinic
Global Inequality
Greenberg Seminar: Great American Cities 
Greenberg Seminar: Redistribution in America and Abroad
Greenberg Seminar: Slavery and its Aftermaths 
Greenberg Seminar: The Natural History of Chicago 
Greenberg Seminar: Wine and the Law
Growth, Inequality, and the Welfare State 
Historic Preservation Law
Housing Initiative Clinic
Human Rights and the Responsibility to Protect
Human Rights in Mexico 
Human Rights: From Morality to Law 
Human Rights I
Immigration Law 
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property-based Finance and Investment
International Environmental Law
International Human Rights Law and Advocacy 
Introductory Income Taxation
Land Use
The Law and Economics of Natural Resource Markets 
The Law and Policy of Climate Change
Law and Practice of Zoning, Land Use, and Eminent Domain
Law and the Mental Health System
The Legal and Social Implications of the War on Drugs
Life (and Death) in the Law 
Litigating Financial Disputes
Oil and Gas Law
Poverty and Housing Law Clinic
Poverty Law 
Private Discrimination 
Project and Infrastructure Development and Finance
Regulation of Sexuality
Reproductive Health and Justice
Residential Real Estate Development and the Law
Structuring Financial Instruments
Tax Expenditures 
Trusts and Estates
Workshop: Regulation of Family, Sex, and Gender
Young Center Immigrant Child Advocacy Clinic