Jurisprudence and Legal Theory Courses

The courses listed below provide a taste of the Jurisprudence and Legal Theory courses offered at the Law School, although no formal groupings exist in our curriculum. This list includes the courses taught in the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years. Not all of these courses are offered every year, but this list will give you a representative sample of the variety of courses we might offer over any two-year period. Other new courses will likely be offered during your time at the Law School. To browse course descriptions for the current year, visit our Students section.


Advanced Law and Economics: Theory and Practice 
Advanced Topics in Moral, Political and Legal Philosophy
Amartya Sen 
Canonical Ideas in American Legal Thought
Comparative Legal Institutions
The Constitution in Congress
Constitutional Law I: Governmental Structure
Critical Race Theory 
Economic Analysis of the Law
Emotion, Reason, and Law 
Evolution of Legal Doctrine
The Evolving Relationship between the Federal Government and the States
Federal Courts
Feminist Philosophy
From Caliphate to Nation State: A Survey of Modern Muslim Constitutional Thought 
Greenberg Seminar: Crime and Politics in Charm City: A Portrait of the Urban Drug War
Greenberg Seminar: Democracy’s Limits
Greenberg Seminar: Plutocracy 
The History of American Federalism: Origins to the Civil War 
Human Rights and the Responsibility to Protect
Human Rights II: History and Theory
Human Rights in Mexico 
Introduction to Islamic Law 
Introduction to Law and Economics 
Jurisprudence I: Theories of Law and Adjudication
Law and Advances in Medicine
Law and Language 
Law and Politics: U.S. Courts as Political Institutions
Law and Race
Legal Interpretation
Legislation and Statutory Interpretation
Life (and Death) in the Law
Philosophy of Criminal Law
Poverty Law 
Privatization in Criminal Law 
Public Choice
Public International Law
Public Morality and Legal Conservatism 
Public Opinion, Public Policy, and the Law
Racism, Law, and Social Sciences
Regulatory Interpretation
Seminal Texts in the History of Medical Ethics
Seminar on Behavioral Law and Economics 
U.S. Supreme Court: Theory and Practice
Utilitarian Ethics
What Causes Crime? 
When is Political Power Legitimate?
Workshop: Judicial Behavior
Workshop: Law and Economics
Workshop: Law and Philosophy
Workshop: Public Law and Legal Theory