Taxation Courses

Professor Julie Roin

The courses listed below provide a taste of the Taxation courses offered at the Law School, although no formal groupings exist in our curriculum. This list includes the courses taught in the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years. Not all of these courses are offered every year, but this list will give you a representative sample of the variety of courses we might offer over any two-year period. Other new courses will likely be offered during your time at the Law School. To browse course descriptions for the current year, visit our Students section.


Accounting and Financial Analysis
Advanced Industrial Organization III 
Advanced Issues in Delaware Corporate Law 
Business Planning
Business Strategy
Corporate and Entrepreneurial Finance
Corporate Tax I
Corporate Tax II
Drafting Contracts: The Problem of Ambiguity
Employee Benefits Law
Fundamentals of Accounting for Attorneys
Global Inequality
Introductory Income Taxation
Islamic Law and Finance
Legal Elements of Accounting
Legal Issues in International Transactions
Non-Profit Organizations
Partnership Taxation
Project and Infrastructure Development and Finance
Retail Law and Transactions
Structuring Financial Instruments
Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurial Transactions
Tax Issues in Bankruptcy
Tax Policy
U.S. Taxation of International Transactions
Wealth Transfer Taxation