Planning an Event

The Office of the Dean of Students encourages LSSOs to create programs and events that foster a sense of community among groups and individuals to enhance a student’s overall experience at the Law School. The Office of the Dean of Students provides guidance for program planning. This may include suggestions for topic selection, networking with other departments on campus, managing logistics, and inviting faculty, alumni, or other special guests. Additionally, the Office of the Dean of Students can assist with leadership issues, either one-on-one or collectively with executive boards or other groups of leaders. 

EMS & Room Reservations

EMS is the room reservation system used by all students, faculty, and staff at the Law School. In order to book an event, LSSOs will reserve a room in EMS. When reserving a room, students may also place a catering order, along with any facilities requests (special set-up, etc.), or IT/AV requests (microphones, computers, etc.).

Students can log into EMS using their UChicago username and password. LSSOs are able to book Law School classrooms on their own. Those interested in booking larger event spaces such as the Auditorium, Courtroom, Green Lounge, etc. should reach out to Candace Mui ( for permission. Conference rooms in the D’Angelo Law Library can also be reserved online.

LSSO EMS reservations can be made beginning August 22, 2022. EMS reservations are subject to availability. Inputting your reservations in EMS must be made at least 1 week in advance of the event. For example, if your event is on a Monday, make sure that your event is reflected in EMS at least on the Monday before.

Your EMS reservation MUST include your LSSO name. Please use the following format:

  • Student Org Name: Title

Event Period

  • LSSOs can host events starting on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.
  • The last day to host an LSSO event is Sunday, April 30, 2023. Last day to request approval for an event is Sunday, April 9.
  • Events may not be held over holidays, breaks, reading or exam periods listed in the academic calendar.
  • Please note that lunch talk events start from 12:15 PM – 1:20 PM

Space in the Law School is extremely limited. Therefore it is important to make room reservations as early as possible and to remove reservations on rooms that are longer needed. LSSOs should not leave holds on rooms in excess of one week. Additionally, students should not promise a date to a speaker if a room is not available on that date.

No Event Dates

Some dates may not be available for LSSO events due to major Law School events. We encourage LSSOs to wait until the “No Event Dates” list is released (over the summer) before offering up dates to possible speakers. Please contact the Office of Dean of Students if you have questions about No Event Dates.

Dean’s Holds In EMS

Based upon a need to ensure room availability for make-up classes, a desire to attempt to ensure good attendance for events, and to ensure adequate supervision and assistance for events, several classrooms are blocked each day. These “Dean’s Holds” in EMS are released only in extraordinary circumstances, for make-up classes, or for faculty use. 


Please keep in mind that the Law School plans to resume back to in-person events at the start of the 2022-2023 academic year. However, the approved modalities may change quickly based on the current guidelines set by the University at the time of your event. You may need to adjust your format as necessary. Updated information on University COVID-19 guidance can be found on the UChicago Forward page which includes additional guidance on non-instructional meetings and convenings.