Planning an Event

The Office of the Dean of Students encourages LSSOs to create programs and events that foster a sense of community among groups and individuals to enhance a student’s overall experience at the Law School. LSSOs should think creatively and thoughtfully throughout the program planning process, as they can provide students with a wide range of programming throughout the year. 


The Office of the Dean of Students provides guidance for program planning.  This may include suggestions for topic selection, networking with other departments on campus, managing logistics, and inviting faculty, alumni, or other special guests.  Additionally, the Office of the Dean of Students can assist with leadership issues, either one-on-one or collectively with executive boards or other groups of leaders. Please contact Robin Graham, Associate Director of Student Affairs and Programs at or make an appointment if you have advising questions.

Guest Approval Process

LSSOs interested in inviting any of the following guests must receive approval the Office of the Dean of Students in advance of extending an invitation:

  • Alumni 
  • Elected or appointed government officials (judges, senators, attorneys general, etc.)
  • Law Firm Representatives  

To request approval for any of the above guests, complete the form: Requests will be reviewed by the appropriate departments and LSSOs should receive a response to their request within two weeks of submission.

Events that do not include any of the parties listed above may proceed directly to making a room reservation. 

Alumni Outreach

 The Office of External Affairs manages the Law School Alumni Community Directory that provides alumni, students, and faculty with alumni contact and practice information as well as former Law School student affiliations. For a link to access the online directory, directory training tools or any additional questions please contact Hannah Fine, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations at

The Office of Career Services has information about where recent graduates are working and can be helpful in finding potential speakers and contacts. Students can reach out to for information. 

Programs Involving Minors

Programming involving minors must be discussed with the Office of the Dean of Students prior to the event being scheduled to ensure compliance with University policy and other regulations.

Programs Involving Animals

Programming that includes the presence of animals, outside of assistance pets, is not permitted in the Law School.

Open versus Closed Events

LSSOs that do not maintain a membership list must make all events open to all law students.  If an LSSO chooses to maintain a list of members in good standing, the LSSO may hold members-only events if the members of the LSSO deem it appropriate in light of the format and purpose of the event.  LSSOs must ensure that the number of members-only events is small relative to the number of events held by the group overall.  LSSOs may use ¼ of their LSA funding for members-only events.  LSSOs are expected to track their use of funds for members-only events to submit to LSA upon request. A LSSO may also restrict voting in elections for officers or board members to members in good standing.  LSSOs with membership lists must be saved on the LSSO Drive in the assigned student organization folder at the beginning of the autumn quarter.   

Alcohol Policy

LSSOs that serve alcohol at Law School events take on great responsibility, not only to follow the law, but also to take appropriate precautions to prevent physical or emotional injury from drinking.  Only moderate consumption of alcohol is permitted at LSSO events.

If an LSSO would like to serve alcohol at an event, regardless of whether the event is on-campus or off-campus, the following actions must be taken at least two weeks in advance of the event:

  1. Anyone serving alcohol at an on campus event must complete the University’s online Alcohol Risk Reduction Education program, UCARE. Once complete, please send the certificate to the Office of the Dean of Students at
  1. An LSSO Alcohol Event Request Form must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students. This form requires the names of the UCARE certified servers and a faculty or staff member who will supervise the event, unless it is being held at a commercial establishment with a liquor license. 

Non-salty food and non-alcoholic drinks must be provided at all events at which alcohol will be served. LSSOs that are also RSOs also must adhere to any applicable CLI alcohol policies.  For complete information on CLI alcohol policies and to review, LSSOs should contact their CLI advisor and review the information available at

The above requirements do not apply to LSSO events taking place at commercial establishments where non-students serve alcohol (bars, pubs, etc.), so long as no student organization funds of any kind (LSSO funding, LSA funding, CLI funding, etc.) are spent on the alcohol.         

A complete description of the University Alcohol Policy is available in the Student Manual of University Policies and Regulations, which is available online at

A synopsis of that policy follows: All members of the University community are responsible for being familiar and complying with the requirements of federal and Illinois statutes and Chicago ordinances regarding the consumption, possession, and sale of alcohol and other drugs. The University expects each member of the community to be responsible for his or her own conduct and the consequences of that conduct.

The University recognizes both alcohol and drug abuse as potential health, safety, and security problems. The University expects faculty, students and staff to assist in maintaining a University environment free from the effects of alcohol and other drugs.

 The University prohibits all students and employees from the unlawful manufacture, possession, use, distribution, sale, or purchase of alcohol and other drugs on University premises or as part of any University activity, and from working under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs. The only exception to this provision applies to moderate consumption and/or possession of alcohol on University premises at approved functions (e.g., receptions) by those legally permitted to consume or distribute alcohol. Such functions must comply with all applicable University guidelines.

Alcoholic beverages may not be served at any event at which undergraduates are present unless prior written approval has been obtained at least two weeks in advance from the Center for Leadership and Involvement or the Office of the Dean of Students.

All areas of the University that wish to serve alcohol in a University public area (common rooms, lounges, quads, etc.) at an event at which graduate or professional students are likely to be in attendance must, at least one week in advance of the event, consult with the Office of the Dean of Students and the unit responsible for the particular space allocation, and must designate a faculty or staff member to be present and responsible for the event. Recognized graduate and professional LSSOs must obtain written authorization to hold such events through the Center for Leadership and Involvement or the Office of the Dean of Students.

All areas of the University which will serve alcoholic beverages at a function when students will be present must have the servers or a responsible event representative of the function successfully complete alcohol risk management training (UCARE) offered by Health Promotion and Wellness and be present the entire length of the function (details at

Sufficient amounts of non-alcoholic beverages must be available at all functions where alcohol is available. Further, appropriate quantities of non-salty food must be served at all such events. There may be no reference to the availability of alcohol in any publicity, including electronic notices, for a University event. University officials or agents of the University have the authority to prohibit attendees from bringing alcoholic beverages to a function or into a building, including events held in outdoor areas such as the Laird Bell Law School Quadrangle.


Special Events

Office of Events

The Law School Office of Events makes arrangements for all large, more formal Law School events.  On occasion, the Events Department may oversee student organization events (e.g., in the event of a visit by a major dignitary, a conference, or special event).  On rare occasions, a student organization may wish to use an event caterer for events such as a reception, dinner, or a lunch with a high-profile speaker.  Before contacting the Events Office, please make an appointment with Robin Graham discuss the event with the Office of the Dean of Students.

Political Activities

As a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the tax code, the University is prohibited from participating in political campaign activities. Although the University may, consistent with its purposes, engage in and sponsor debate and discussion of political issues, the support of individual candidates, campaigns or political parties is prohibited.

The University may not endorse any candidates, make donations to any politician’s campaign, issue statements for or against any candidate, or engage in any activity that would either support or oppose any candidate for public office. Furthermore, no political fundraising may occur on the University’s campus, in the name of the University, or through the use of University e-mail accounts.  These prohibitions apply to all campaigns, including those at the federal, state, and local levels.

During election years, it is particularly important that LSSOs be mindful of the University’s policy regarding political campaign-related activities.  If a LSSO plans an event focusing on an election or working with an individual currently running for political office, please discuss it ahead of time with the Office of the Dean of Students.

Conferences and Student Travel

Any LSSO desiring to organize a trip (whether domestic or international) under the auspices of the organization (and therefore the Law School and the University) must speak with the Office of the Dean of Students about the applicable University and Law School policies and the source of funding for the proposed trip prior to making any travel arrangements.  Please note that limits may be imposed on the number of trips for which a LSSO may receive travel funding and that funding requests must be made in advance of travel. For more information on funding, please see the Funding, Budgets, and Reimbursement section.

Moot Court Competitions

The Law School hosts an internal event called the Hinton Moot Court Competition, named for Judge Edward W. Hinton (Professor of Law, 1913-36), which is open to all second- and third-year students (except those 3Ls who made it to the semifinals during their 2L year). Additional information on this competition can be found at

Students may participate in moot court competitions hosted by outside entities, as long as the competitions do not require the student participants to miss any classes, exams or otherwise interfere with their coursework.  Students may not receive course credit or fulfill the Law School’s writing requirements for moot court competitions or similar activities, such as mock arbitrations.  As a general rule, the Law School does not provide funding for outside moot competitions.  There may, however, be special funds available from donors depending on the competition topic.  If such funding is available, it is typically capped at $500 per team and may be used to cover registration costs.  To learn whether funding is available, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

Event Logistics

Room Reservations

Space in the Law School is extremely limited therefore it is important to make room reservations as early as possible and to remove reservations on rooms that are longer needed.  LSSOs should not leave holds on rooms in excess of one week.  

Once all distinguished guests or outside groups have been approved and confirmed by the Office of the Dean of Students, LSSOs may proceed to making a room reservation on the Law School’s Meeting Room Manager calendar (MRM) available at Students can log in to the MRM calendar using their UCLaw username and password.

LSSOs are able to book Law School classrooms only on their own.  Those interested in booking larger event spaces such as the Auditorium, Courtroom, of Green Lounges, etc. should reach out to the Robin Graham for permission.

Conference rooms in the D’Angelo Law Library can be reserved online at

Based upon a need to ensure room availability for make-up classes, a desire to attempt to ensure good attendance for events, and to ensure adequate supervision and assistance for events, several classrooms are blocked each day.  These “Dean’s Holds” are released only in extraordinary circumstances, for make-up classes, or for faculty use.  

Room reservations scheduled outside of standard Law School hours (i.e., weekend programs) may incur extra fees for cleaning services or a security fee if the building needs open early/late. Please work with the Office of the Dean of Students to arrange these events.

Facilities Requests

The Facilities Department handles all requests for facilities needs, including: moving tables and furniture; providing additional tables, chairs, poster stands, and garbage cans; managing the room temperature; and other responsibilities.  LSSOs can request facilities services through the MRM calendar at For additional questions or requests, contact

Technology Requests

LSSOs may request special technology for an event (microphones, computer, or AV requests) through the MRM calendar at IT requests should be submitted via the room calendar at least 3 business days in advance of the event. There may be additional charges for certain services or for services requested after-hours (evening events during the week or weekend events).  LSSOs experiencing technical difficulties during an event should press the Help Button on the upper right corner of the monitor in each classroom. Monitors may not be moved under any circumstances.  

Consider requesting audio recording to allow for the event to be podcast. More information on how to set up an event for recording can be found at

Presentation clickers are available to rent at the VCA desk.  To check out a clicker, students must leave their student ID with the VCA desk receptionist until the clicker is returned.

For additional information regarding special technology requests, contact the Information Technology Office at 773-834-5300 or email  


LSSOs are limited to ordering food from the Law School’s approved vendors. Caterers that are not listed in the MRM calendar are not permitted at the Law School.  To place a catering order, complete the online order form available on the Law School’s MRM calendar at  This includes filling out the Catering (Items), Catering (Order Info), Facilities, and AV/IT tabs. LSSOs will be directly billed for the event.  The Office of the Dean of Students will receive a copy of the final bill from the event.  The bill will be automatically paid using the student organization’s LSA funds. Event requests must be made at least 3 business days in advance of the event (e.g., an order for Monday should be ordered by lunchtime on Wednesday).

Students are not to contact any vendor directly.  If there are any questions or issues, such as a vendor failing to supply plates, please contact the Office of Events at

Leftover Catering Items

Food served at events is strictly for students and guests attending the program.   Non-attenders are not permitted to take leftover food from the classroom corridors, but instead must wait until food is moved to the Green Lounge for general consumption. Each LSSO must designate at least one member to stand with the catering and wait for facilities staff to take the food items to the Green Lounge. The designated LSSO members must ensure that only those attending events take the food ordered for that event until the food is moved to the Green Lounge. Consistent with LSA guidelines, organizations that fail to oversee the food lines in this manner will be fined $50 from their budget allotment, up to $500 in total, for each violation as observed and reported to LSA. Students should contact the Facilities Department directly at or 773-702-9572 if the catering removal cart is delayed. 

Room Cleanup

At the conclusion of an LSSO event, the room must be left clean and ready for class. Specifically, all food must be removed from the room and chairs must be put back in their original positions Touchscreen monitors are not to be moved for any reason from the desk where they are located and all AV equipment must be returned in original condition. Groups that do not return equipment to its original condition will be fined if the equipment is not ready to use for the next class.

Cancelling or Rescheduling an Event

Catering orders must be canceled at minimum of 24 hours in advance of the event. If an event is canceled or has been rescheduled the event must be deleted from the MRM calendar and an email noting the cancelation must be sent to immediately. Failure to cancel food orders 24 hours in advance and via direct email will result in the organization being billed for the food order.

Book Sales

Book sales are strictly prohibited at the Law School for two primary reasons.  First, for tax purposes, the Law School cannot engage in commerce.  Second, the Law School is fortunate to have many speakers who wish to speak at the Law School, and they are generally welcome to speak at the invitation of a LSSO.  The Law School seeks to prevent, however, speakers from pressuring students to host events on their book selling tours or pressuring students to purchase books.  The Law School wants the focus to be on the free exchange of ideas rather than purchasing books. Thus, although an author who has recently written a book may speak about it at the Law School­ and may sign books, books cannot be sold at the Law School.

Money Collection and Payment Processing

Students may not use any credit card processing software other than the approved University software.  LSSOs interested in collecting funds via credit card should contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

LSSOs collecting cash or checks for their organization are to pick up a bank bag from the Office of the Dean of Students for money collection.  At the end of each collection period, all funds are to be turned into Robin Graham in office 306B.1 for safe keeping as funds should never be stored by a student. Funds collected must be deposited into the organization’s LSA account.  At no time can funds be collected to benefit an outside group organization.  Checks must be made payable to the University of Chicago Law School and cannot be payable to a specific student or organization.

Parking Passes

Daily parking passes are available for speakers or guests participating in events at the Law School. The cost of each parking pass is $10 and is billed directly to the requesting LSSO. To request a parking pass email with the student organization name, speaker name(s), and date of the event.  Parking passes may be picked up from the Law School Receptionist at the VCA desk on the day of the event.  Parking passes must be requested at least two days prior to the event.

Promotional Tables

LSSOs can reserve a promotional table on weekdays from 10:30am – 2:00pm in the North Green Lounge.  All food sales/giveaways must be approved in advance of the event.  Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students to reserve a table.


Law School Website Event Calendar and Briefs

LSSOs are required to post all events to the Law School website event calendar because it allows the Law School community, alumni, and other interested parties to learn in advance about LSSO events and programs.

All events posted to the Law School website will be automatically included in the Law School Briefs, a weekly bulletin of activities and announcements for the Law School community, and are published each Monday by the Communications Office. 

To add an event to the Law School event calendar and to the Weekly Briefs visit to create an event page.

It is important to note that the Law School website calendar and the MRM calendar are two different sites and do not interact.

Communications Office

The Law School’s Communications Office can assist LSSOs seeking to publicize their events (1) to the greater Law School community through the Law School website, and (2) to the University more generally, including through the News Office.  If an organization would like to have an event advertised on the Law School’s social media various sites, or if interested in exploring the various publicity option please contact the Communications Coordinator at

The Communications Office does not design or print posters, fliers, or brochures for LSSOs. For student designed posters, fliers, or brochures, the computer lab (located on the 3rd floor of the D’Angelo Law Library) contains a color printer for student printing.

Each year LSSO’s will receive one preloaded print card worth $50.00 that can be used at the Law School for printing posters.  Print cards are placed in each LSSO mail folder at the beginning of the autumn quarter. Questions regarding printing accounts should be directed to the IT department at

LSSO Leader Listserv

LSSO leaders are encouraged to seek co-sponsors or share other information through the LSA-OrgsLeaders listserv (  The LSA-OrgsLeaders listserv is designed as a resource for leaders to share information and to seek co-sponsors for events.  This listserv may not be used to announce events, nor for any other purpose other than what is outlined above.

LSSOs may create a group-specific listserv that is only for announcements of interest to that group’s members.  For example, a separate listserv for discussions and intra-organization announcements, such as forwarding articles of interest may be used.  Visit for information about establishing a mailing list(s). 

Law School Posting Policy

The Law School permits Law School and University of Chicago organizations, schools, divisions, departments, and members of the Law School or University of Chicago community to post documents, fliers, signs, or posters in designated areas in the Law School.  All postings must be dated and only one posting per location/bulletin board is permitted.  Anonymous postings are strictly prohibited in the Law School, and all postings must include the name of a current University of Chicago-affiliated contact (whether an organization, a school, a division, a department, or an individual) and an active email address. 

Postings are only permitted in designated areas in the Law School.  Those designated areas are limited to (1) the free-standing boards for fliers for “today’s events” only; (2) the bulletin board located above the mail folders; (3) the holders outside classroom doors; (4) the designated student organization bulletin boards; (5) the kiosk boards on the lower level; and (6) the bulletin board space inside classrooms I-IV right inside the north door to each of those rooms. No signs, fliers, or posters are permitted on any other surfaces within the building ― wood, glass, and columns in the Green Lounge, classroom walls, tables, desks, counters, etc. Signs, documents, fliers, or posters placed in unauthorized places or posted in violation of this policy will be removed and a cleanup fee of $50 will be charged to any individual or organization that fails to adhere to these guidelines. 

Anyone posting in the Law School must remove the posting within seven days of the date listed on the posting or, if the posting relates to a specific event, within seven days of the conclusion of the advertised event.  On a periodic basis, Law School staff will remove all postings inconsistent with the Law School’s posting policy.  To report violations of the Law School posting policy, please email

As with all violations of Law School and University policy, please note that violations of the Law School posting policy may in some instances lead to fines or disciplinary action. 

Event announcements can be written on whiteboards located at the entrance to each classroom but not on the main whiteboards in the center of the classroom as those are intended for the use of professors during class.


On rare occasions, LSSOs host events for which additional security is necessary. Examples include when a speaker is high-profile (in which case they often travel with their own security) or when an LSSO expects that there may be protesters at the event. If a LSSO needs security for an event or has received indications that protestors may be present at an event, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students as far in advance as possible so necessary arrangements can be made.  There is a fee for security service ($85 per hour, per officer), which will be charged to the organization’s LSA account.


LSSOs that would like to provide event transportation such as buses, private cars, or Uber ride shares should contact the Office of the Dean of Students two weeks in advance of the event to set up transportation.  Instead of students or guests individually paying for an Uber ride, the Office of the Dean of Students can generate a prepaid group code to use for multiple students/guests.  All bus reservation must go through the Office of the Dean of Students as students are not permitted to sign contracts on the behalf of the University. 


LSSOs in need of securing a hotel for a speaker or guest should contact Robin Graham at at least two weeks before the event.  The University of Chicago has reduced rates at hotels around the Chicagoland area.  LSSOs are restricted from booking a hotel on their own and must go through the Office of the Dean of Students.  For information on hotels with University rates, visit