Other Policies

Inclusion Policy

The Law School is a place for the open exchange and debate of ideas. LSSO membership must be open to all law students. The Law School encourages LSSO events, especially on-campus events, to be open to all law students. Open events must be advertised on the Law School Website’s Events Calendar in advance of the event to give all students an opportunity to attend.

LSSOs are not required to maintain lists of members in good standing, but are encouraged to do so. An LSSO may require the payment of nominal dues or impose a modest participation requirement as a condition of membership, but no other restrictions are permitted.

The collection of dues must be handled in conjunction with the Office of the Dean of Students and deposited into the LSSO’s Law School account. Please contact the Dean of Students Office to help process any funds to your LSSO Law School student organization account. Any condition of membership must be administered fairly and reasonably. Keep in mind that membership in a LSSO that is also an RSO must be open to all University students.

Although violation of any University or Law School policy can lead to an organization losing its LSSO status, organizations must be especially careful to abide by the inclusion policy. Organizations that provide funding to LSSOs, including LSA and the University (for organizations that are RSOs), may impose additional requirements beyond those stated here regarding the use of funds for student events. This policy does not affect any rule established by LSA, the University, or any other source of funds regarding the use of those funds.

Free Speech Policy

The University of Chicago is an institution fully committed to the creation of knowledge across the spectrum of disciplines and professions, firm in its belief that a culture of intense inquiry and informed argument generates lasting ideas, and that the members of its community have a responsibility both to challenge and to listen.

Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sexual misconduct may violate the law, violates the standards of our community, and is unacceptable at the University of Chicago. Sexual misconduct can be devastating to the person who experiences it directly and can adversely impact family, friends, and the larger community. People who believe they have experienced any sexual misconduct are encouraged to report the incident and to seek medical care and support as soon as possible. To report an incident, you may contact either the Director or Associate Director of the Office for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Support and Deputy Title IX Coordinators for Students.

Students can view the complete University Harassment, Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct Policy here.

No Outside Bank Accounts

LSSOs may not maintain bank accounts outside of the University accounting system. Non-University of Chicago accounts for LSSOs jeopardize the University’s status with the Internal Revenue Service, and can nullify an organization’s eligibility to use the University of Chicago name or to benefit from its non-profit status.

Other University-Wide Policies

All LSSOs must also adhere to the University-wide policies.

Programs Involving Minors

Programming involving minors must be discussed with the Office of the Dean of Students prior to the event being scheduled to ensure compliance with University policy and other regulations.

Programs Involving Animals

Programming that includes the presence of animals, outside of assistive pets, is not permitted in the Law School.

Programs Involving Weapons

Programming that includes weapons of any kind are not permitted on or off campus.

Political Activities

As a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the tax code, the University is prohibited from participating in political campaign activities. Although the University may, consistent with its purposes, engage in and sponsor debate and discussion of political issues. It is the support of individual candidates, campaigns, or political parties that is prohibited.

The University may not endorse any candidates, make donations to any politician’s campaign, issue statements for or against any candidate, or engage in any activity that would either support or oppose any candidate for public office. Further, no political fundraising may occur on the University’s campus, using the University’s name, or through the use of University e-mail accounts.  These prohibitions apply to all campaigns, including those at the federal, state, and local levels.

During election years, it is particularly important that LSSOs be mindful of the University’s policy regarding political campaign-related activities.  If a LSSO plans an event focusing on an election or working with an individual currently running for political office, please discuss it ahead of time with the Office of the Dean of Students.

A complete description of the University’s policy on political activity is available in the Political Campaign Activity Memorandum. LSSO leaders are expected to be familiar with the University’s policy.

Chalking Policy

Chalking by LSSOs is allowed on public sidewalks around the Law School. Any chalking must be in compliance with these rules:

  • Chalking on buildings, non-sidewalk, or non-walkway surfaces is prohibited.
  • Water-soluble chalk must be used. Spray chalk is not allowed.
  • Chalking must clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring LSSO.
  • Chalking within the Laird Bell Law Quadrangle is not permitted. The quadrangle includes everything within the Law School fence to the north of the building, including the area around the reflecting pool and within the reflecting pool itself.
  • Chalking along the south portico (the area immediately outside the South Green Lounge) or on the sidewalks between the parking lot and the south entrances to the Law School is not permitted.
  • Cannot interfere with or overlap someone else’s chalking.
  • Chalking must be in compliance with the Law School’s Alcohol Policy.
  • Chalking may remain in place for 48 hours.
  • Chalking within 48 hours of a significant, Law School event is not permitted (e.g. Orientation, Family Weekend, Admitted Students Weekend, Reunion, Graduation, or other events as designated by the Law School)

Additionally, please note that chalking by an LSSO is considered a form of free expression. It is not permitted to tamper with or remove another LSSO’s chalking.

While chalking is permitted, please note that preservation or protection of specific chalking is not possible. LSSOs looking for effective ways to publicize their events or causes are encouraged to contact Candace Mui (mui@uchicago.edu) in the Office of the Dean of Students.