Law Connect

Law Connect is the Law School's campus community platform and LSSO event and management hub. All students have access to Law Connect using their UChicago User ID and password. Students can sign-in at

Law Connect Groups

Law Connect organizes student organizations and university departments into “groups” to create events, send communications, manage members, and share information. Groups are the main way that Law Connect operates. Each student organization counts as a group. LSSOs must re-register for Law School recognized status each year.

LSSO Membership

LSSO board members are called "Officers" in Law Connect. Officers have the ability to look up Law Connect student users by name or email, and add students to your LSSO membership list. Officers can keep track of LSSO membership and communicate with members via Law Connect. 

LSSO Events in Law Connect

LSSOs should advertise their events in Law Connect. Prior to creating an event in Law Connect, the Event Coordinator must reserve a room in EMS at least 2 weeks and advance and place their catering orders in EMS. As a friendly reminder, EMS reservations and Law Connect event postings are reviewed and approved by the Dean of Students Office, so requests may not be immediately reflected and may take a few business days. Please take this into account as you plan out your events. 

LSSO Event details

When you create an event in Law Connect, you will be prompted to include your date, time, location, and brief description of your event. You can also personalize your event with an event image, an RSVP option, and highlight a speaker profile on your event page.

Event accessibility, dietary, and accommodations

Students typically want to know where the food is from as well as what dietary options will be covered (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc.). If food will be provided at your event, LSSOs should specify what food will be offered in the event description.

When promoting events, LSSOs should also add a point of contact for guests who may need accommodations to attend. Review the Accessible Event Resource Guide Checklist on how to hold an accessible event. Students can edit the following template below to post in Law Connect, website, event flyers, etc.

Sample Template: Food will be provided by TBD. X, Y, and Z options will be available (examples include: GF, vegan, etc.). Please contact NAME ( with any questions.