Off-Campus/Non-Standard Events

Every event other than a lunch talk counts as an “Off-campus or non-standard event” and requires approval by completing the Off-campus/Non-Standard Event Form.


  • Event at Ida Noyes Hall/The Pub, Rubenstein Forum, Logan, Mandel Hall, Ida Noyes Hall
  • Attending a conference
  • Dinner at a restaurant
  • Picnic at the Point
  • Reading group at someone’s apartment
  • A morning, evening, or weekend event in a classroom
  • Any use of the Green Lounge

Event Request Timelines

  • Requires DOS assistance: Off-campus events that require DOS assistance (contract reviews, deposits, etc.) or have alcohol, must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the event date. Any request received less than 3 weeks in advance will be denied.
  • Does not require DOS assistance: Off-campus events that do not require DOS assistance and have ˂10 people must be submitted at least 7 business days in advance.
  • A large-scale off-campus or non-standard event should always be requested before the start of the quarter and at least 6 weeks in advance. Large-scale events often require contact with a restaurant by Law School staff, might involve 50+ people, or require other multi-effort logistical support from the DOS or Law School Events office.

Event Reservations for Off-Campus/Non-Standard Events

There is a limit of 2 Off-Campus slots in EMS at a given time and first-come, first serve. If your event is ≥10 people, it will need to be scheduled in EMS as an Off-Campus event. If you find that the date you planned for is no longer available, you will need to request an alternative date. Please include your group name and the location in your EMS reservation. Examples include:

  • ELS: Social gathering at the Pub
  • ESLS: Cubs game at Wrigley Field
  • LLSA: End of Year Dinner at Chicago Firehouse
  • CLS: Welcome picnic at the Point


There may be times when a vendor requires a signed contract before LSSOs can host an event (e.g., large dinner reservations, rentals, services). The University does not permit student leaders to sign contracts with vendors. All contracts must be sent to the Dean of Students Office for review and some contracts may need to be reviewed by the Procurement Office and Office of Legal Council before being signed. Therefore, LSSOs are encouraged to start the planning process early to allow for enough time to have the contract reviewed and completed.

Using the Green Lounge

For very special, limited circumstances, either half or all of the Green Lounge may be reserved in the afternoon or evening.

  • Green Lounge reservations are limited since this is a community space for the entire Law School
  • Some large-scale annual events that use the Green Lounge include: Class Dinners, Firmwise, CLF Auction, etc.
  • If LSSOs want to reserve any part of the Green Lounge for an event, they should plan to discuss their plans with DOS ahead of time and make their request no later than August 31, 2023. DOS will only approve at most one significant event in the Green Lounge per week.

After Hours

Room reservations scheduled outside of the standard business hours of Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, may incur extra fees for cleaning and security. Please work with the Dean of Students Office to arrange these events.

Facilities Requests

The Facilities Department handles all requests for facility needs, including: moving tables and furniture; providing additional tables, chairs, poster stands, and garbage cans; managing the room temperature; and other responsibilities. These requests should be entered in EMS at the time of your room reservation. For questions, please contact