Lunch Talks

The majority of LSSO events will be lunch talks at the Law School. Lunch talk formats include:

  • In-person speaker & in-person audience
  • Fully remote events
  • Remote speaker & in-person audience

No special approval is required to hold a lunch talk at the Law School, but there may be times that an LSSO speaker will need an approval. Lunch talks start at 12:15 PM and should conclude promptly at 1:20 PM to allow room preparation for the next class. Please make clear to your speakers not to go past this time.

Speaker Approval Process

LSSOs interested in inviting ANY distinguished guest to the Law School, including alumni of the Law School or University, an elected or appointed government official (judge, senator, attorney general, etc.), or any other high profile person, must receive approval from the Office of the Dean of Students prior to extending an invitation. Requests will be reviewed by the appropriate departments and LSSOs should receive a response to their request within two weeks of submission. Please do not reach out to a speaker until you have received approval.

A speaker request can be made by filling out the LSSO Speaker Request Form. Please note that speaker approvals are for a particular year. So if your speaker was approved last year, you will need to submit an approval form for each new academic year.

Once a speaker is approved, LSSOs can reach out to the speaker to coordinate dates and make the room reservation in the Law School’s event scheduling system (EMS).

Please note that Dean Miles meets with most visiting judges and VIP speakers, as well as many elected officials and alumni, whenever his calendar allows. Once LSSOs receive approval for a judge, elected official, VIP, or high profile alumnus, you must confirm the speaker date with the Office of Dean of Students well in advance so that we can coordinate the Dean’s schedule.

The last day to request speaker approval is Sunday, April 9, 2023.

VIP Speakers

LSSOs may invite VIP speakers. In addition to speaker approval, careful coordination with the Law School is required. Examples include: Senators, Solicitor General, high-level elected or appointed officials, cabinet members, some high-level business VPs or CEOs, etc. Some invitations may need to be made by the Law School directly (e.g., SCOTUS). Please reach out to Candace Mui,, for assistance or when in doubt.

Judge Speakers

Sports clubs are recognized through the Physical Education Department’s Sports Club Office and are not eligible to become RSOs. The Sports Clubs program is located in the Gerald Ratner Center, Room 141. For qWhen an LSSO finalizes a date and reserves a room for ANY JUDGE (even if virtual), please send one email to both Susan Staab, Director of Judicial Clerkship Outreach and Support,, and Lia Hanhardt, Executive Assistant to the Dean, If his schedule permits, Dean Miles may want to meet with the judge and additional coordination may be need before or after the lunch talk.

Alumni Speakers

When you confirm and finalize your event details with your approved alumni speaker(s), please email Lauren Siegel,, in the Office of External Affairs with the event title, date, time, location, and names of the alumni participating. This is helpful so that the Office of External Affairs team knows when and in what capacity alumni are participating in student-led events at the Law School

EMS Reservations for Lunch Talks

Once all distinguished guests or outside groups have been approved and confirmed by the Office of the Dean of Students, LSSOs may proceed to make their room reservation in EMS.

Please note: you should not promise a speaker a date if a room is not available on that date. If you find that the date you planned for is no longer available, you will need to work with your speaker to find an alternative date.

Catering For Lunch Talks

For lunch talks, LSSOs are limited to ordering food from the Law School’s approved vendors listed in EMS. Caterers that are not listed in EMS are not permitted at the Law School. For example, an LSSO or a firm cannot independently purchase catering from a vendor outside of EMS to host a lunch talk at the Law School (firm sponsorship process goes through the Office of External Affairs). LSSOs should order their catering in EMS and the Office of the Dean of Students will then receive a copy of the final catering bill from the event. Catering charges will be automatically paid using the student organization’s account.

Final catering requests must be made at least 1 week in advance of the event in EMS (e.g., an order for a Monday lunch talk should be ordered by lunchtime on the Monday before). Any catering requests made less than 1 week in advance will not be fulfilled.

Cancelling or Rescheduling an Event, or Updating Catering Order

Catering lunch talk orders must be canceled at a minimum of 2 business days in advance of the event. If an event is canceled or has been rescheduled, LSSOs must:

  • Cancel the event in EMS as soon as possible.
  • Send an email of your cancellations or reschedule to immediately.
  • If you have any changes to your final guest count, which affects the quantity of your catering order, then you must email at least 1 week in advance.

Failure to cancel food orders at a minimum of 2 business days in advance in EMS and via direct email to the Events team will result in the organization being billed for the food order.

Students are not to contact any vendor directly. If there are any questions or issues, such as a vendor failing to supply utensils, etc., please contact the Office of Events at

Managing Food and Leftover Catering Items

  • Food served at lunch talks is strictly for students and guests attending your specific program. Non-attendees are not permitted to take food from the classroom corridors before the event begins.
  • Catering will be delivered prior to the start of lunch talks with a delivery window of 11:15AM – 11:30AM at the tables outside of your reserved room.
  • LSSOs should designate a Food Coordinator or another representative from your LSSO to receive and set up the food prior to the start of the lunch talk. It is the LSSO’s responsibility to ensure that students who take food from your table will attend your lunch talk.
  • LSSOs should not start the line for food until the classroom has mostly cleared out.
  • The designated Food Coordinator should continue to manage on-site catering logistics, including receiving delivery, set-up, food line management, and clean up.
  • After students and guests attending your program have received their food, any leftover food may remain on the table for anyone else starting at 12:25 PM. All leftover food will be thrown away by Facilities by 12:45 PM.

Consistent with LSA guidelines, organizations that fail to oversee the food lines in this manner will be fined $50 from their budget allotment, up to $500 in total, for each violation as observed and reported to LSA.


On rare occasions, LSSOs host events for which additional security is necessary. Examples include when a speaker is high-profile (in which case they often travel with their own security) or when an LSSO expects that there may be protesters at the event. If a LSSO needs security for an event or has received indications that protestors may be present at an event, please indicate your request in the LSSO Speaker request form and contact the Office of the Dean of Students,, as far in advance as possible so necessary arrangements can be made. The fee for security service will vary based on the details of your event and will be charged at a 4 hour minimum per hour, per security. This fee will be charged to the organization’s LSA account.


The Dean-on-Call is the university official responsible for providing support to students during an emergency and intervenes at times to de-escalate a situation between students and other members of the campus and/or community. The Dean-on-Call will work actively to preserve an environment of spirited and open discourse and debate, allowing for the opportunity to have all participants contribute to intellectual exchange and full participation in an event. In instances of disruptive behavior or violations of University policies, the Dean-on-Call will respond and provide direct instructions to stop disruption, if it is safe to do so. Students may request a Dean-On-Call via the LSSO Speaker Request form or email Candace Mui at

Parking Passes

Daily parking passes are available for speakers or guests participating in events at the Law School. The cost of each parking pass is $10 and is billed directly to the requesting LSSO. To request a parking pass email Juan Nuno,, with the student organization name, speaker name(s), and date of the event. Parking passes must be requested at least 3 business days prior to the event.

Room Cleanup 

  • At the conclusion of an LSSO event, the room must be left clean and ready for class.
  • Touchscreen monitors are not to be moved for any reason from the desk where they are located.
  • No AV equipment, including desk or tripod speakers, may be moved during a lunch talk, and all AV equipment must be returned in original condition.

Groups that do not return equipment to its original condition will be fined if the equipment is not ready to use for the next class.