Law School Website Event Calendar and Briefs

LSSOs are required to post all events to the Law School website event calendar because it allows the Law School community, alumni, and other interested parties to learn in advance about LSSO events and programs.

All events posted to the Law School website will be automatically included in the Law School Briefs, a weekly bulletin of activities and announcements for the Law School community.

To add an event to the Law School event calendar and to the Weekly Briefs visit to create an event page.

It is important to note that the Law School website event calendar and the EMS scheduling calendar are two different sites and do not interact.

Digital Signage

The Law School has six digital signs (on each floor near the elevator bank) that can be used to promote events up to one week ahead of time. If you’d like your event to included, please email your digital sign to with following requirements:

  • The sign should be 1920 x 1080 pixels. However, 17 x 11-inch dimensions are also accepted (e.g., if you plan to print your sign and don’t want to have to make two versions of it). The sign should be landscape in orientation.
  • The sign should have a “call to action,” i.e., where do folks go for more information. We suggest guiding them to (for a shorter URL). You can also use a QR code as a direct link to your event.
  • Content must adhere to the University’s digital accessibility standards, including compliance with the international standards of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 (WCAG 2.1), Level AA. This means that:
    • Text should be large enough for those with visual disabilities to read from approx. 10 feet from the sign. Recall that most people will scan the sign as they walk by, so using large text will be helpful to everyone.
    • Text should have a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 for normal text and 3:1 for large text. Check your color contrast.—aim for a “Pass” on the section labeled WCAG AA.
    • Keep the layout simple for users who may have cognitive disabilities


Beginning July 1, 2022, the Law School will have a new logo, and LSSOs are subject to new rules regarding the use of the University and Law School’s logos.

LSSOs with Brand Identities

LSSOs with their own brand identities should use the Law School Logotype with Rule. Email to receive the logotype with rule file to add to your brand identity.

LSSOs with Embedded University Identity Elements

LSSOs whose logos have University or Law School identity elements embedded in them will need new logos. Email for guidance on altering your logo and for final approval.

Communications Office

The Law School’s Communications Office can assist LSSOs seeking to publicize their events (1) to the greater Law School community through the Law School website, and (2) to the University more generally, including through the News Office. If an organization would like to have an event advertised on the Law School’s various social media platforms, or if interested in exploring the various publicity option please contact the Communications Office at

The Communications Office does not design or print posters, fliers, or brochures for LSSOs. For student designed posters, fliers, or brochures, the D’Angelo Law Library contains a color printer for student printing.

The Communications Office can also highlight an event after the fact via social media or other avenues. Feel free to pass along photos from events to

Each year LSSO’s will receive one preloaded print card worth $50.00 that can be used at the Law School for printing posters. Print cards are placed in each LSSO mail folder at the beginning of the autumn quarter. Questions regarding printing accounts should be directed to the IT department at

Law School Posting Policy

The Law School permits Law School and University of Chicago organizations, schools, divisions, departments, and members of the Law School or University of Chicago community to post documents, fliers, signs, or posters in designated areas in the Law School. All postings must be dated and only one posting per location/bulletin board is permitted. Anonymous postings are strictly prohibited in the Law School, and all postings must include the name of a current University of Chicago-affiliated contact (whether an organization, a school, a division, a department, or an individual) and an active email address.

Postings are only permitted in designated areas in the Law School. Those designated areas are limited to the following:

  • Free-standing boards for fliers for “today’s events” only
  • Bulletin board located above the mail folders on the first floor
  • Holders outside classroom doors
  • Designated student organization bulletin boards
  • Kiosk boards on the lower level
  • Bulletin board space inside classrooms I-IV right inside the north door to each of those rooms

No signs, fliers, or posters are permitted on any other surfaces within the building ― wood, glass, and columns in the Green Lounge, classroom walls, tables, desks, counters, etc. Signs, documents, fliers, or posters placed in unauthorized places or posted in violation of this policy will be removed and a cleanup fee of $50 will be charged to any individual or organization that fails to adhere to these guidelines.

Event announcements can be written on whiteboards located at the entrance to each classroom but not on the main whiteboards in the center of the classroom as those are intended for the use of professors during class.

Anyone posting in the Law School must remove the posting within seven days of the date listed on the posting or, if the posting relates to a specific event, within seven days of the conclusion of the advertised event. On a periodic basis, Law School staff will remove all postings inconsistent with the Law School’s posting policy. To report violations of the Law School posting policy, please email

As with all violations of Law School and University policy, please note that violations of the Law School posting policy may in some instances lead to fines or disciplinary action. For questions about the posting policy, please email