Alcohol, Cannabis, and Tobacco Policy

LSSOs that serve alcohol at Law School events take on great responsibility, not only to follow the law, but also to take appropriate precautions to prevent physical or emotional injury from drinking. It is the purpose of the Law School and University policies to allow for the legal, safe, and responsible consumption of alcohol. Only moderate consumption of alcohol is permitted at LSSO events.

University Policy

A complete description of the University’s policy on alcohol and other drugs is available in the Student Manual of University Policies and Regulations. LSSO leaders are expected to be familiar with the University’s policy.

Event Approval & Guidelines

If an LSSO would like to serve alcohol at an event, regardless of whether the event is on-campus or off-campus, the following actions must be taken at least three weeks in advance of the event:

  • You must seek approval from the Dean of Students Office prior to any LSSO event at which alcohol will be present. For such events, students must complete a LSSO Off-Campus/Non-Standard Event Request Form at least three weeks prior to the event. This form requires the names of the UCARE certified servers and a faculty or staff member who will supervise the event, unless it is being held at a commercial establishment with a liquor license.
  • Anyone serving alcohol at an on-campus event must complete the University’s online Alcohol Risk Reduction Education program, UCARE. Once complete, please email the certificate to the Office of the Dean of Students at The requirement for a UCARE certified server does not apply to LSSO events taking place at commercial establishments where non-students serve alcohol (e.g., bars, pubs, etc.).
  • Adequate amounts of non-salty food and non-alcoholic drinks must be provided at all events at which alcohol will be served.
  • LSSOs that are also RSOs also must adhere to any applicable CLI alcohol policies and Guidelines for Serving Alcohol for Recognized Student Organizations. For complete information on CLI alcohol policies and to review, LSSOs should contact their CLI advisor to ensure compliance.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be served at any event at which undergraduates are present unless prior written approval has been obtained at least two weeks in advance from the Center for Leadership and Involvement or the Dean of Students Office.
  • There may be no reference to the availability of alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis in any publicity, including electronic notices, for a University event.
  • All guests must have valid identification showing proof of age.
  • LSSO leaders responsible for the event are responsible for checking the government-issued identification card. The Dean of Students Office may require LSSOs to issue wristbands to designated event guests.
  • The consumption of alcohol and tobacco may not be the main purpose of the event unless otherwise approved by the Dean of Students Office.
  • Cannabis use, possession, and/or distribution is prohibited on campus.
  • A designated LSSO leader will be responsible for the enforcement of all building and university regulations. The designated LSSO leaders must remain sober and are responsible for monitoring guests to ensure that problems do not arise.
  • Due to the number of event attendees, the Dean of Students Office may require a licensed vendor to serve alcohol for events taking place at the Law School or on campus.
  • No guests may be served alcohol to the point of intoxication, and no intoxicated guests shall be allowed to enter an event.
  • University officials or agents of the University have the authority to prohibit attendees from bringing alcoholic beverages to a function or into a building, including events held in outdoor areas such as the Laird Bell Law School Quadrangle.
  • After-parties or post-parties, where consumption of alcohol is the main purpose, are not approved by the Law School, and no Law School resources may be used towards such events.