Budget & Funds

Managing your LSSO Budget

LSSO Treasurers should keep track of spending and maintain a detailed record of their own budget, which is separate from the budget spreadsheet managed by Juan Vicente NuñoIf an LSSO plans to use a grant toward an event or plans to use their funds to co-sponsor and event/lunch talk, it is the responsibility of the LSSO to inform Juan Vicente Nuño the amount and event information. LSSOs should compare both their own and Juan's spreadsheets to make sure there are no discrepancies.

LSSO Treasurers must also submit an End-of-the Year Budget Summary to the Dean of Students Office outlining all expenses and revenue. 

It is critical that LSSOs do not spend money in excess of their budget allocation. If an LSSO exceeds their allocation for the year, then the deficit will carry over to the incoming board. 


  • LSA Funds: Unspent LSA funds will not carry over to the next academic year. LSSOs will receive a new budget every year.
    • ​​If LSSOs did not hold any events or spent any funds by January 31, 2024, then your LSA funds will be returned to LSA in order to be redistributed or spent by LSA.
    • If LSSO plans to hold events or spend funds AFTER January 31, 2024, then this should be communicated in the funding request to LSA.
  • Firm Funds: Firm Funds do not carry over to the next academic year. 

Member-Only Events & Swag

The majority of your spending should be open to the entire Law School community. However, LSSOs may use up to 25% of their LSA funds either to host a member-only event or on member-only swag purchases. Member-only events are events that are advertised internally to your LSSO members only, and which are not open to the general Law School community. Examples of these events include board meetings, member-only meals and social activities, or a professional development meeting

If LSSOs use their 25% member-only spending towards swag, they may purchase LSSO member t-shirts or sweatshirts from the following approved vendors. When purchasing, individual items may not exceed the following caps per t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Spending on member-only events from other sources of funds (e.g. firm funds) does not have the 25% spending limit. 

Please note that swag designs will need to be approved before ordering. LSSOs will also need to provide the Dean of Students Office a list of student names receiving the t-shirts and sweatshirts.

  • $20 spending cap per t-shirt
  • $35 spending cap per sweatshirt

Approved Vendors