Other Logistics

Book Sales of Presenters

Book sales are strictly prohibited at the Law School. For tax purposes, the Law School cannot engage in commerce and the Law School seeks to prevent speakers from pressuring students to host events on their book selling tours or pressuring students to purchase books. However, an author who has recently written a book may speak about it at the Law School­ and may sign books.

Money Collection and Payment Processing

Students may NOT use any credit card processing software that is not approved by the Dean of Students Office. LSSOs interested in collecting funds via credit card should contact Candace Mui, mui@uchicago.edu, to discuss.

LSSOs collecting cash or checks for their organization are to pick up a bank bag from Juan Vicente Nuño, jnuno@uchicago.edu, for money collection. At the end of each collection period, all funds are to be turned Juan Vicente Nuño for safe keeping as funds should never be stored by a student. Funds collected must be deposited into the organization’s LSSO account. At no time can funds be collected to benefit an outside group or organization. Checks must be made payable to "The University of Chicago" and cannot be payable to a specific student, staff member, or organization.


LSSOs that would like to provide event transportation, such as buses, should contact Juan Vicente Nuño, jnuno@uchicago.edu, at least two weeks in advance of the event to set up transportation. All bus reservations must also go through the Dean of Students Office as students are not permitted to sign contracts on the behalf of the University.

LSSOs could also set up and provide ride-sharing group code for multiple students/guests to use.