Technology Logistics

Technology Requests

LSSOs may request special technology for an event (computer, microphones, etc.). IT or audio-visual requests should be submitted via the EMS at least 3 business days in advance of the event. There may be additional charges for certain services or for services requested after-hours (evening events during the week or weekend events). LSSOs experiencing technical difficulties during an event should press the Help Button on the upper right corner of the monitor in each classroom. Monitors or IT equipment may not be moved under any circumstances. For additional information regarding special technology requests, contact the Help Desk at 773-834-5300 or email   

Designated Technology Assistant for Remote Speakers and Remote Events

Please designate an LSSO member to serve as a Technology Assistant for your lunch talks with remote speakers and for fully remote events. There needs to be a designated person from your LSSO to create the Zoom link and manage the Zoom, video, audio, etc. during the event.

  • The LSSO is responsible for creating and sharing the Zoom link with speakers and guests.
  • Instructions on how to conduct a Remote Speaker Event is included in each of the classrooms near the monitors.