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Student Organization Fundraising Campaigns

Many student groups depend on sponsorship from law firms for events and conferences. Courting these sponsors is not an easy task and takes dedication and follow up. Student organizations interested in securing law firm sponsorship must review and follow the policies outlined below. These policies will be posted to the Law School’s web site for easy access/reference; listed in the Student Handbook; and presented to organization leaders at an annual meeting

Steps for Soliciting Law Firm Sponsorships:

  • Generate a budget and determine what sponsorships your group will need for events in the upcoming year.
  • Research past giving to your group via transition documents, your student organization advisor, past board members, and the Student Affairs and External Affairs departments
  • Create a specific ask letter for each sponsor using the suggested template (Word doc). Keep in mind past giving and feedback.
  • Outline your organization fundraising tier (PDF). If three levels are given, Platinum, Gold, and Silver will be used. If more than three, number the tier (Tier 1). Each level should detail benefits of partnering with the organization on that level.
  • Create a proposed programming list (PDF) outlining the programs the funding will support.
  • Submit the materials outlined above to the LSSO Fundraising Proposal Form available at
  • Student Organizations will receive a notification from the Office of the Dean of Students with their fundraising approval. 

Once Fundraising Proposals Have Been Approved:

  • Once the proposal has been approved, the LSSO should send the following documents to the approved contacts:
    • Ask Letter
    • Fundraising Tiers
    • Programming List
    • A personalized Sponsorship Invoice.  When a law firm receives the ask letter and agrees to commit, they will then complete the Sponsorship Invoice on their own. It should be sent with an accompanying check to the attention of the Office of External Affairs. 
  • Once External Affairs receives funding, the student organization will be notified and asked to send a thank you email. The sponsorship gifts will be processed through External Affairs and then transferred directly into the student group’s account.

Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at with general questions. If you been contacted directly by a firm asking to sponsor a program, you must contact Erin Howard, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, immediately. She will assist in the procurement of funds for your organization. LSSOs may not handle this process on their own. 

Example Fundraising Tiers

Example Programming List

Example Ask Letter