Working at the Law School

This information is your guide to everything you need to know and do to begin working at the Law School. Questions? Email Sophie Johnson at

Please note that it is important to notify Sophie Johnson as soon as you are hired on as a student-employee of the Law School. Delays in notification can create further delays in the processing of your payments.

What do I need to submit in order to be hired as a student-employee of The Law School?

You will need to submit a completed student hiring form (student hiring form) as well as the proper I9 identification in order to be enrolled in Workday. Workday is The University of Chicago’s HR/Payroll information system.

Please see the below information to determine what I9 documentation works best for you. Different forms are required depending on whether you are a US citizen or international student.

The University of Chicago Law School cannot accept copies or scans of your I9 documents. Please present the originals to Brian Fitzpatrick in office A201 of the Law School Dean's Suite.



I am a US citizen. What I9 documentation should I present?

The easiest document to present is a valid US passport. However, other options can be found by visiting:

I am an international student. What I9 documentation should I present?

the following documents are accepted depending on your Visa type:

If F-1:

  • Foreign passport, and,
  • I-94 form with an expiration date, and
  • I-20 form (this is a document they get from OIA)

If J-1:

  • Foreign passport, and
  • I-94 form with an expiration date, and,
  • DS 2019 form (this is document they get from OIA)

These are the ONLY documents that will provide the necessary authorization for F-1 and J-1 students. There is no other combination that will work.

Read more about how to electronically obtain the I-94 form.

I have submitted my student hiring form and have presented the necessary I9 documents. What can I expect now?

Once these documents are received you will be added to Workday, the University's HR/payroll information system. You will receive an email from Workday asking that you log into your newly created employee profile to complete some onboarding tasks. From the homepage of your employee profile, you can access these tasks by selecting the blue and white cloud icon in the top right-hand corner of the page.

How do I log my hours?

Time will be logged directly in your Workday account. Instructions concerning how to log time for your job will be shared with you upon completion of the required onboarding tasks. Those instructions will come via an email from Brian Fitzpatrick.

How do I receive payment for the hours I log?

Student-employees are paid on a biweekly basis and pay-periods, as well as payment dates can be found here:…



How do I enroll in direct deposit?

  1. Log onto your Workday employee profile ( using your CNet ID and password
  2. Select the “Pay” icon on the homepage of your profile
  3. Select “Payment Elections”
  4. Select “Add Account” on the page that you are directed to
  5. You will then be directed to enter the account number and ABA tracking number for the bank account through which you would like to receive payment

What restrictions exist on my position in regards to logging time?

  • During the academic year, students should not log more than 20 hours per week. Even if you are working in two different positions, your combined logged hours should not exceed this threshold.
  • If you’re working more than 7.5 hours in a stretch, you must take an “off-the-clock” break of at least 20 minutes no later than 5 hours into your shift.

  • Working 7 days in a row is not permissible. There must be one day of no work effort in each 7-day period.