Getting Around

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Buses and Trains

Visit for routes and information, but here are some good things to know:

  • To ride CTA trains, you have to purchase a Ventra card or ticket. Buses accept both Ventra and cash (but cash must be exact change and only works for one-way rides with no transfers). CTA’s site has information on how to pay your fares, what they cost, and where to buy passes in person. You can order a Ventra card here.
  • Buses are your best bet for getting to and from, and around, Hyde Park.
  • Two buses that run around Hyde Park are free with your University ID:
    • #171: connects the Midway to the eastern and western ends of Hyde Park along 55th Street
    • #172: connects the Midway to Hyde Park Boulevard/51st Street and 53rd Street via campus
  • Six buses can get you back and forth from downtown (normal CTA bus fare applies):
    • #2: goes from State Street downtown to right in front of the Law School; runs express between downtown and campus
    • #4: travels from South Water downtown to a few blocks west of the Law School on Cottage Grove and beyond
    • #6: this bus runs all day from downtown to Hyde Park and then further south; runs express between downtown and Hyde Park
    • #10: express bus links downtown with the Museum of Science and Industry
    • #28: travels to Union Station during weekday rush periods; other times, it travels as far north as 47th Street in Hyde Park
    • #192: travels to and from the Roosevelt & State Street L station in the South Loop
  • The CTA’s Red Line and Green Line both have stops reasonably close to Hyde Park, at 55th Street/Garfield. The Red Line Garfield stop and Green Line Garfield stop are not the same. You can take the #55 bus to get to these stops, as well as Chicago Midway airport. The University provides shuttle transportation service from central points on campus to the Garfield Red line Station. 
  • You can track CTA buses anywhere in the city using the CTA Bus Tracker.
  • Track CTA buses near Hyde Park and UGo shuttles in real time using TransLōc. The corresponding phone application allows the user to access this service on the go.

The Metra

The Metra is Chicagoland’s suburban rail service, but it runs several train lines in the city as well. You can use it to get downtown, on the Metra Electric District line. These trains are less frequent than CTA trains and have higher fares, but often take as few as fifteen minutes to reach downtown.

Lyft Ride Smart at UChicago

Lyft Ride Smart at UChicago offers students 10 free rides per month (up to $15 off per ride) on all late-night rides within the service area during the program hours which are Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, from 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. Please review the program's webpage to learn how to sign up and review the service area.

The University has temporarily made this program available 7 evenings per week, from 5 p.m until 4 a.m. This change is in effect through the end of the 2021-22 academic year.

Getting Between Downtown and Hyde Park at Night

The #2 and #192 buses run only during rush hour, and you can face long waits for the #55 bus from the Red or Green Line stations on 55th Street. The University offers a daytime shuttle from central points on campus to the Garfield Red Line Station, and the Arts Block. We recommend that if you need to return from downtown at night, you use the #6 bus or the Metra.

University Shuttles

The University operates daytime and nighttime shuttles around campus and Hyde Park. These shuttles are free with your University ID.

Transportation for Injured or Disabled Students

The University offers various forms of transportation assistance for injured or disabled students. 


Dial-A-Ride is a complimentary curb-to-curb transportation service for students with long-term limited mobility. 


There is no student parking in the Law School parking lot. However, anyone can park there from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. on weekdays, and all day on weekends. Students are encouraged to move their cars to the lot if they will be working or studying late in the building. Additionally, students with disabilities may be granted accommodated parking by the Student Disability Services office.

Students may park at any time along 60th Street or along the Midway Plaisance, but these spots fill up very early in the morning and are not a reliable source of parking. Obey posted signs for street cleaning or repair and snow removal. Also, please note that many streets to the south of the Law School require permits.

For information on parking in campus lots or obtaining a permit, visit the University parking website.

Car Sharing

The University of Chicago offers a car sharing program through Zipcar so members of the University can have occasional access to a car.

Bike Rental

The nearest Divvy bike station is on Ellis Avenue just south of 60th Street. View all stations.

Bike Purchases

Blackstone Bicycle Works is a community bike shop and youth education program based at 6100 S. Blackstone.

Request a Charter

University members can book a UGo shuttle at a cost for events through Transportation & Parking Services. 


Visit the University's Getting Around webpage for additional information.