The Financial Aid Office handles the processing and disbursement of student loans. Most information about the financial aid process can be found on our website but a few key topics on student loan processing are outlined below. If you have any questions, you can set up a virtual or in-person appointment to meet with a member of the team using our online booking tool or you can contact us at

Loan Application Process

Continuing students need to re-apply for student loan funding each academic year. This can include renewing your FAFSA or submitting a new application with your alternative student loan lender. We encourage students who wish to apply for federal student loans for the following academic year to complete the FAFSA or private/alternative student loan application by the May 31st prior to the start of the applicable academic year. Submitting your financial aid application materials by this date will ensure that you will receive your aid package, have time to complete any required loan documentation, and have funds disbursed by the start of the Autumn quarter. You can find more information about the student loan application process on our website.

Tuition and Billing

For questions about your tuition bill or student account, please contact the Bursar's Office.

Computer Purchases

Students can request an increase to their cost of attendance for the purchase of a computer or laptop. The maximum increase available is $1,500 or the documented cost of the purchase, whichever is less. 

Continuing students may secure up to $1,500 in additional loan funding to replace a laptop computer, if needed. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office at with any questions regarding their cost of attendance or loan increase requests. More information regarding cost of attendance appeals can be found on the Financial Aid website.

Bar Exam Funding

The Financial Aid Office can offer 3L students additional student loan funding to help cover the cost of registering for the bar exam or purchasing a new computer for the bar exam. The cost of attendance for 3L students will automatically include an allowance for bar exam registration expenses, which can be covered with additional Graduate PLUS loan funding. Reminders about this option will start being sent out to 3L students in the Student Services weekly newsletter beginning in January each year but students can always contact the Financial Aid Office at with any questions.

Some lenders offer alternative/private Bar Study loans to graduating 3L students to help cover the costs of studying for and taking the bar exam. However, students should first research outside scholarship or sponsorship options before using loan funding. Students going into a public interest role post-graduation can begin researching Bar Study scholarships using the AccessLex’s Scholarship Databank, though these options would most likely only cover exam and/or bar review course costs. Additional funding for bar review course expenses may be available through BarBri, Themis, and Kaplan.

Bar Study loans are often made on the basis of credit and can range up to $15,000. Students will need to apply for bar loans directly through the lender of their choice. You can find more information about Bar Study loan options onlineThis Bar Study loan website is an external site and is not an inclusive list of Bar Study loan options; the Office of Financial Aid does not endorse any particular loan over another and we encourage students to research lenders as well as terms and conditions to find the best fit.

Repaying Your Loans

As you prepare to graduate and begin your legal career, you may have questions about managing your student loans during repayment, including questions about grace periods, loan repayment options, and loan consolidation or refinancing. You can find more information about preparing for graduation and loan repayment on the Financial Aid website. There are also great resources available online in regards to federal student loan repayment, including the Federal Student Aid website and the AccessLex Recent Graduates and New Lawyers website.