Academic Assistance

Academic Support Resources and Materials

Students seeking individual academic support should contact the Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Academic Advising or the Office of the Dean of Students. 

Students looking for general strategies and tips related to study techniques and exam preparation should attend the Office of the Dean of Students' presentations. Materials from those presentations and additional resources will be available here (CNetID Login Required). 

Peer Advisors

The Law School's Peer Advisor Program aims to alleviate the anxiety associated with the law school experience and help every student achieve success at the Law School. Six third-year law students serve as Peer Advisors under the direction of the Assistant Director of Student Affairs & Academic Advising to help first-year students navigate life at the Law School.

Assistance for Students with Disabilities

Assistance is also available through the Office of the Dean of Students for students who have appropriately documented needs requiring special accommodations under the ADA.

Useful Study Resources

Although the best suggestions for preparing for exams at the University of Chicago Law School come from faculty teaching the courses and students who have taken them, other materials such as those provided by links below may also be useful.

Law School Exams

Law School archived exams and student answers

BLSA's shared outline website You will need to enter this information to access (username: blsaoutlines; password: student). Newer outlines are available on TWEN (requires Westlaw login and the password blsaoutlines).

Further Reading

CALI Lessons (requires registration code)

Hornbooks & Study Supplements

Library Services for Students

The library provides study aids, an online collection of previous law school exams, study space, computing facilities,  conference rooms, and more. Read more about library services for students.

Taking Classes Across the Midway

The Law School encourages law students to take classes across the Midway, and all law students can receive up to 12 credits toward the 105 credits required to graduate from the Law School by taking classes in other departments throughout the University.  Although those grades appear on your Law School transcripts, the grades do not count toward your Law School GPA.   If you are interested in taking a class across the Midway, please review Section 1.13 of the Student Handbook.

View requirements, example classes, and registration instructions.


The Announcements provide a snapshot of the Law School's faculty, curriculum, programs, and more on September 1 of each year. View the Announcements.