3 Year JD/MBA Class Planning and Advising

3 Year JD/MBA

Similarly to JD students, JD/MBA students advance through their first year through the same 1L curriculum as their JD peers. 3 Year JD/MBA students begin their full-time Booth coursework during their 2L year. Students are expected to take a total of two Booth courses in the summer terms, but this can be distributed according to the student’s preference (either summer after 1L or summer after 2L), and in consultation with the Booth Advisor.

In a student’s 2L year, they begin their full-time program at Booth. Included in this schedule are five Doctoroff (LAWS prefixed courses taught by Booth faculty) courses. The Doctoroff classes do not count towards the 12 non-law classes that will be counted towards the JD degree.

Students complete their remaining Law courses and Law requirements during their 3L year. Student may not take Booth classes in the 3L year.

Students cannot enroll in less than 9 credits or more than 14 credits in any quarter counting towards Law residency, or when taking a course counting toward the JD. Please visit the Student Handbook for more information.

3 year sample plan
  Autumn Winter Spring Summer
Year 1 1L curriculum+ 1L curriculum+ 1L curriculum+ Booth coursework*‡
Possible Law or Business Internship
Year 2 Booth & Doctoroff coursework§** Booth & Doctoroff coursework§** Booth & Doctoroff coursework§** Booth coursework*‡
Possible Law or Business Internship
Year 3*** Law coursework+ Law coursework+ Law coursework+ Graduate: Full-Time Position

*Students can select their 1L and/or 2L summer to complete a total of two Booth summer courses.

**Students in the 3 Year JD/MBA program will take a total of 5 Doctoroff courses in their 2L year. The distribution of Doctoroff courses will not be known until the end of the 1L year.

***Students cannot take Booth coursework during their 3L year

+Law residence, ‡Booth residence, §Booth/Law residence

What is the difference between the 3 Year JD/MBA and the 4 Year JD/MBA programs?

The 3 year program is very structured as students take the following: Y1- standard 1L curriculum, Y2 - Booth coursework + 5 Doctoroff courses, Y3 - complete remaining Law requirements. Students in the 3 year JD/MBA program cannot take Booth coursework in their third year. There is also a requirement of 2 Booth courses to be taken (total) during 1L and/or 2L summers in the 3 year program.

The 4 Year JD/MBA program does provide more flexibility and students have more opportunity to take Booth coursework. Students in both programs ultimately only count 12 non-LAWS credits towards their JD degrees.

In the 3 year program 35 core credits are required in place of 40 core credits in the 4 year program. 40 core credits is the standard for students pursuing the JDThe Law School Degree Audit shows a breakdown of the JD requirements.

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I am a 3 Year JD/MBA student. Can I take Booth coursework during my 3L year?

No. 3 Year JD/MBA students do not have the flexibility to take courses other than LAWS coursework during their 3L year.

I took Managerial Psychology as my 1L spring elective. Since this is a Doctoroff course, how does this impact my 2L curriculum plans?

​​​​​​Students who elect to take Managerial Psychology as their 1L spring elective will replace the course with a 3 credit LAWS prefixed CORE class during their second year.

Can I take less than 9 credits or more than 14 credits during a quarter that is counting towards my JD degree?

​​​​​​No. Student must remain between 9 and 14 credits during all quarters counting towards the JD degree, including non law credits. 3 Law credits = 100 non-law units, 2 Law credits = 75 non-law units, and 1 Law credit = 50 non law units. Please visit the Student Handbook for more information.

I am a 3 Year JD/MBA student. Would I be eligible to register for a 1 or 2 credit hour LAWS class or clinic during my 2L year?

You should discuss your credit load with your Law and Booth advisors,  but generally 3 Year JD/MBAs may be able to take 1-2 credit hour LAWS class or clinic in their 2L year depending on a number of factors, including their ability to meet their Booth degree requirements.

How do I register for my Booth courses?

Booth will be in communication during your 1L year to discuss how to register for courses. You will be automatically enrolled and do not need to enroll yourself in the five Laws prefixed Doctoroff courses.

How many quarters of residency do I need for my JD degree?

​​​​​​Students need a total of nine quarters of residency for their JD degrees.

How many non-LAWS credits can I count towards my JD degree?

​​​​​​Students can count a total of 12 credits of non-LAWS coursework towards their JD degree. Doctoroff courses are LAWS classes and do not count towards the non-law cap.

Where can I find more information on the JD curriculum?

Please visit the Student Handbook and JD Advising webpage.

Where can I track my JD degree requirements?

Each student has access to their individualized Degree Progress Report 24/7.

What is the credit conversion between the Law School courses and Booth courses?

  • 50 units = 1 credit
  • 75 units = 2 credits
  • 100 units = 3 credits

Can you tell me more about the summer course requirement at Booth and how that may impact my 1L summer job?

3  Year JD/MBA students are required to take two MBA courses in the summer quarter(s) in order to complete the MBA requirements in time. The modality of summer courses is not determined until late Spring quarter, so students should plan around the possibility that the Booth summer class may take place in person in Chicago.

Students with questions about internships can contact Chelsea Dobleman, Assistant Director of Career Services. Chelsea is the dedicated career advisor for dual degree students. 

Am I required to earn both degrees in the same quarter?

Yes. In the dual programs students must meet the requirements for both programs in the same quarter.

Who should I contact...

If I am dual student or am interested in the program and I have questions about the JD degree?

Please contact Lana Ammari, Associate Director of Student Affairs at the Law School.

If I am a dual student or am interested in the program and have questions about the MBA degree?

Please contact Leah Kaltz, Associate Director, Academic Services at Booth.

At the Law School if I have questions about applying to the 3 Year JD/MBA? 

Please email admissions@law.uchicago.edu

From the Office of Career Services as a JD/MBA student? 

Please contact the Office of Career Services

From the Law School with questions regarding Financial Aid? 

Please contact Zach Weber, Director of Financial Aid.  

If have questions about student groups specific to the JD/MBA program? 

Learn more about the JD/MBA Association