Financial Aid

The Law School Office of Financial Aid oversees financial aid processing for all Law students and manages Law School-funded programs for alumni in public interest careers. Our staff is here to assist with any financial aid topic both now while you're pursuing your degree as well as after graduation as you begin your legal career.

The Financial Aid Office determines financial aid eligibility and aid packages, sets the cost of attendance, processes financial aid awards and loans, manages entrance and exit loan counseling for federal loans, and certifies private/alternative loan requests. We also provide assistance to students and alumni who choose to work in public interest or government roles with our student Summer Public Interest Funding Program and the alumni Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP). Finally, we can assist with loan repayment questions and provide guidance on resources that are available to help manage the loan repayment process.

The University of Chicago Bursar’s Office is a related office outside of the Law School that can provide guidance on billing and payment topics, including tuition and fees, billing policies and dates, direct deposit of refunds, electronic billing and payment processing, and tax information.

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The Law School Office of Financial Aid is located in the Student Services Suite on the 3rd floor of the Library. You can set up an appointment to meet with a member of the team using the below link, or you can contact us at

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Legal Challenges to the SAVE income-driven repayment plan

Some of the upcoming benefits of the new federal income-driven SAVE repayment plan were blocked by two federal judges but an appeals court lifted one of the injunctions. We expect that recent graduates will be able to enroll in the SAVE plan but we recommend following any updates from the Department of Education at

Financial Aid AMA Summer 2024 Sessions

The Financial Aid Office will be hosting weekly Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions during summer 2024 for our incoming and continuing students. Log on whenever you have a chance to get your financial aid questions answered!

If you are a prospective student, visit the UChicago Law Welcome Center for more ways to connect with our Admissions team. A Sidebar session or attending a student info session with our Admissions team are the best ways to get your questions answered, including any questions about financial aid at UChicago Law.

Updated FAFSA

A new Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and financial need calculation has been launched by the Department of Education for the 2024-2025 academic year. While the new financial need calculation does not impact the federal student loan options for which graduate/professional students are eligible, the new FAFSA will streamline the application process and will include new methods for obtaining spousal information (as applicable). Complete the 2024-2025 FAFSA at

Student Loan Repayment

The Department of Education resumed student loan repayment in Fall 2023 after the COVID repayment pause. Student loan interest accrual resumed on September 1, 2023 and payments became due starting in October 2023.

The Department of Education is updating on a regular basis as the repayment restart continues. We encourage you to review this information as well guidance from the AccessLex Institute on the repayment restart, which includes webinars they are offering on the repayment restart. Finally, AccessLex has a Returning to Repayment checklist that can help with next steps.

The Department of Education has introduced the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan, which is the newest income-driven repayment planThe SAVE Plan replaced the Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) Plan. Borrowers on the REPAYE Plan automatically get the benefits of the new SAVE Plan. Some SAVE benefits have been early implemented to begin in 2023, with the remaining benefits becoming available in July 2024. More information about SAVE is available at

We have information available about the general financial aid timeline but for specific dates, review the 2024-2025 academic year financial aid calendar below. 

  • 07/04/2024 - Financial Aid closed for the Fourth of July
  • 08/04/2024 - Final application deadline for Summer Public Interest Funding
  • 09/02/2024 - Financial Aid closed for Labor Day
  • 09/04/2024 - Autumn Quarter bill available from the Bursar on my.UChicago
  • 09/20/2024 - First disbursement date for Autumn Quarter student loans and scholarships
  • 09/20/2024 - Anticipated stipend funding paydate for Autumn Quarter
  • 09/30/2024 - First day of Autumn Quarter classes
  • October 2024 (date TBD) - FAFSA available on for the upcoming academic year
  • 10/04/2024 - Autumn Quarter bill payment due date
  • 11/01/2024 - LRAP Application for upcoming calendar year expected to be made available
  • 11/05/2024 - Election Day, Financial Aid remains open
  • 11/28/2024 - 11/29/2024 - Financial Aid closed for Thanksgiving break
  • 12/01/2024 - Priority LRAP application deadline for upcoming calendar year
  • 12/04/2024 - Winter Quarter bill available from the Bursar on my.UChicago
  • 12/23/2024 - First disbursement date for Winter Quarter student loans and scholarships
  • 12/25/2024 - 1/1/2025 - Financial Aid closed for Winter break
  • 12/27/2024 - Anticipated stipend funding paydate for Winter Quarter
  • 01/02/2025 - First day of Winter Quarter classes
  • 01/10/2025 - Winter Quarter bill payment due date
  • 01/20/2025 - Financial Aid closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • 03/01/2025 - UChicago Law Need Application deadline for admitted JD students
  • 03/12/2025 - Spring Quarter bill available from the Bursar on my.UChicago
  • 03/14/2025 - First disbursement date for Spring Quarter student loans and scholarships
  • 03/15/2025 - Summer Public Interest Funding application expected to be made available
  • 03/16/2025 - 03/23/2024 - Spring break, Financial Aid remains open
  • 03/21/2025 - Anticipated stipend funding paydate for Spring Quarter
  • 03/24/2025 - First day of Spring Quarter classes
  • 03/31/2025 - LRAP application deadline for current calendar year
  • 04/04/2025 - Spring Quarter bill payment due date
  • 05/15/2025 - Priority application deadline for Summer Public Interest Funding application
  • 05/26/2025 - Financial Aid closed for Memorial Day
  • 05/31/2025 - Priority FAFSA submission deadline for deposited and continuing students
  • 06/07/2025 - Convocation
  • 06/13/2025 - Anticipated first Summer Public Interest stipend paydate
  • 06/19/2025 - Financial Aid closed for Juneteenth
  • 07/04/2025 - Financial Aid closed for the Fourth of July
  • 08/03/2025 - Final application deadline for Summer Public Interest Funding

The Law School Office of Financial Aid adheres to the University of Chicago's Financial Aid Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct