For students

Academic Assistance

Students seeking academic assistance and support should contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

Academic Counselors

In many cases, appropriate help will be provided by one of the Academic Counselors, third-year law students who provide peer assistance under the direction of the Dean of Students office.

For students with more serious needs, the University's Student Counseling Service has an Academic Skills Assessment Program ("ASAP"), an educational, clinically-based program, that provides comprehensive study skills counseling.

Assistance for Students with Disabilities

Assistance is also available through the Office of the Dean of Students for students who have appropriately documented needs requiring special accommodations under the ADA.

Useful Study Resources

Although the best suggestions for preparing for exams at the University of Chicago Law School come from faculty teaching the courses and students who have taken them, other materials such as those provided by links below may also be useful.

Law School Exams

Law School archived exams and student answers

BLSA's shared outline website You will need to enter this information to access (username: blsaoutlines; password: student). Newer outlines are available on TWEN (requires Westlaw login and the password blsaoutlines).

Further Reading

CALI Lessons (requires registration code)

Hornbooks & Study Supplements