FAQs: About the Law School

How many years of study is the JD program?

The JD program is a full-time, three year program of study. The program consists of nine full-time academic quarters. Classes begin in late September/early October and end in early June. 

Does the Law School offer a part-time or evening program?

No, the JD program is a full-time program that starts in late September/early October. 

How do I apply?

All applicants to the JD Program must apply online through the Law School Admission Council ("LSAC") electronic application process. Please visit the "Apply to the JD Program" section of our website to learn more about the application requirements and admissions process.

When should I apply?

You should apply in the admissions cycle prior to the year in which you hope to enroll. For example, if you wish to begin law school in Fall 2024, you should apply during the 2023-2024 admissions cycle, which will open in September 2023.

Where is the Law School located?  

The Law School is located on the main University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park, a historic and affordable neighborhood approximately seven miles south of downtown Chicago along Lake Michigan. Please visit the Hyde Park website to learn more about our community. Hyde Park is easily accessible from downtown Chicago by public transportation or car

How many students are in each entering class?  

We have approximately 200 students in our entering JD class each year, and about 600 JD students in the entire student body. In addition, we have approximately 75 international LL.M. students each year. Our small class size results in a closely-knit, supportive community.

What is your median LSAT score and GPA?   

For the class entering in 2022, the median LSAT score was 173 and median GPA was 3.91, although we have a wide range of LSAT scores and GPAs in our class. Please see our Class Profile for more details.   

What are the demographics of the incoming class? 

In the 2022 entering class, approximately 47% were women and approximately 47% were students of color. In addition, we had 94 different undergraduate institutions, over 35 different undergraduate majors, and 34 states represented in the incoming class. Our students come from varied socioeconomic backgrounds. The Admissions Committee believes diversity adds to the classroom experience and values diversity in every conceivable sense.  

Does the Admissions Committee require work experience prior to law school?

Although work experience is often a positive addition to an applicant's file, we do not require work experience prior to law school. Around 70 percent of the incoming class will typically have at least one or two years of work experience.