FAQs: Student Life Basics

Where do students live? 

Approximately 80 percent of first-year students live near campus in Hyde Park because of the abundance of affordable housing and convenience to the Law School. Some students choose to move to other Chicago neighborhoods during their second and third years. We usually have students living in the South Loop, River North, Streeterville, and Logan Square.

Is it difficult to find housing in the city?

No, there is an abundance of housing near campus in Hyde Park. The cost of living in Chicago is very affordable compared to other major cities. Our housing page contains more information.

What is the atmosphere like among students and faculty? 

Our students and faculty are extremely collaborative in their approach to learning. Because of our small class size and the seriousness with which our faculty approach teaching, our faculty engage with students in ways uncommon in academia. Our students work together in study groups, share class notes, and enjoy casual conversation with their professors outside of class on a daily basis. The Law School does not have a published class rank and the wealth of employment opportunities for UChicago students facilitates a collegial and cooperative environment.  

What is it like to study law at UChicago?

Our students and faculty are excited about ideas and share a love of learning. There is no single viewpoint, ideology, or style of thought imposed upon or shared by all students. Instead, all ideas are welcome. Our faculty expose students to contrasting views and challenge students on their ideas. Read more about our academic culture to find out why UChicago is such a unique place to study law.

What about extracurricular activities?  

There are over 60 student organizations that are very active at the Law School. Our organizations host speakers, organize debates, and plan service projects and social gatherings. Students write and direct their own annual Law School Musical, play intramural sports, and gather for Coffee Mess (a weekly breakfast) and Wine Mess at the end of the week. In addition, many of our students work in our legal clinics and participate in our Pro Bono Service Initiative.

What about safety? 

Among the Top 10 Best Colleges in America, the University of Chicago’s campus is one of the safest. Campus is actively monitored by both the University of Chicago police and the City of Chicago police department. The University takes a proactive approach to safety and offers several safety resources, including late night transportation services, safe ride services, umbrella service, and safety alerts. Many of our own faculty and administrators live in Hyde Park with their families. If you would like to learn more, the University's Annual Security Report provides detailed information and statistics.