Students admitted to the University of Chicago Law School are automatically considered for scholarships based on their admission application file. 

Admitted students who would like their financial need considered during the scholarship review process have the option of submitting financial need information using the UChicago Need Application. 

Please note: Students who will be under the age of 28 as of the September 1 prior to the start of their 1L year must provide parental financial information on the UChicago Need Application, even if their parents will not be contributing financially to their law school education. 

Admitted students will receive more information about submitting optional financial need information shortly after admission. The UChicago Need Application is due either by March 1st or two weeks after the date of your admission, whichever is later. Submissions received after the stated deadline will not be considered unless approval from the Financial Aid Office has been received.

Our scholarships are extended as three-year awards, with the total amount extended being split over the three years you will be at the Law School. These individual, annual amounts are guaranteed for each year as long as you remain a full-time student eligible to continue your studies at the Law School. This means that your scholarship will not be impacted by any 2L or 3L summer earnings or other changes that may occur to your and/or your family's financial circumstances while you are enrolled at the Law School. We believe that this offers a degree of financial certainty for our students as they journey through their Law School career. 

The Law School's scholarship funding is made available through the generosity of alumni donors and friends, as well as general Law School funds. You can find information on all of the Law School’s scholarship funds in the Law School’s Announcements publication. A few of these funds are highlighted below.

David M. Rubenstein Scholars Program

The David M. Rubenstein Scholars Program was established in 2010 by David M. Rubenstein (JD 1973), chair of the University's Board of Trustees and the co-founder and co-chairman of The Carlyle Group. The gift provides select entering students with full-tuition scholarships covering all three years of their studies. These scholarships extend through the Class of 2028.

James C. Hormel Public Interest Scholarship

The James C. Hormel Public Interest Scholarship was created in 2014 by James C. Hormel, a member of the Class of 1958 and dean of students at the Law School from 1961 to 1967, to provide a three­-year scholarship each year to an entering student who has demonstrated a commitment to public service. 

Rachel Nussbaum Animal Law Scholarship

The Rachel Nussbaum Animal Law Scholarship was established in 2022 by Martha Nussbaum, the Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics, appointed in the Law School and Philosophy Department. The scholarship provides support to a deserving student at the Law School who intends to pursue a career in animal law or policy, or who has a demonstrated history of interest in or advocacy on behalf of animals. It is awarded once every three years, with the next scholarship projected to be awarded for the Class of 2029.

D. Francis Bustin Scholarship

The D. Francis Bustin Educational Fund for the Law School was established in 1971 by provision of the will of D. Francis Bustin (LLB 1917) to give awards, prizes, or scholarships for a valuable and important contribution, proposal, or suggestion for the improvement and betterment of the processes, techniques, and procedures of our government or any of its branches or departments at the city, state, or federal level.

JD/PhD Scholarships

The University of Chicago Law School has established a scholarship program to support students pursuing a dual JD/PhD at the University of Chicago. Through this program, the Law School will reserve a number of financial aid packages for top JD/PhD candidates. These Law scholarships range from a few thousand dollars per year to full-ride scholarships with stipends. JD/PhD scholarships are competitive and the scholarship pool is limited. JD/PhD scholarships are not guaranteed. Funding is not contingent upon obtaining a particular form of employment after graduation. Decisions regarding funding will be made by the JD/PhD Committee after admission and communicated in the financial aid award notification from the Financial Aid Office. 

For additional information about the structure of a JD/PhD, please visit the Dean of Student’s JD/PhD Class Planning and Advising page.

For information on JD/PhD admissions, please contact Meg Krishnan, Director of Admissions and Programs ( Please note the admissions process for the JD degree and the PhD degree are entirely separate. We also encourage you to reach out directly to the Admissions Department of the PhD program you are interested in to discuss their requirements, deadlines, and applications.

For information regarding scholarships and financial aid, please contact our Financial Aid Office at

If you are applying for a JD/PhD, we encourage you to apply as early in the admissions cycle as possible to optimize the admissions process. 

Patiño Fellowship

The Tony Patiño Fellowship is a prestigious merit award created to support law students whose personal, educational and professional experiences exemplify leadership, character, academic success, good citizenship and initiative.

The Tony Patiño Fellowship was established by Francesca Turner in memory of her son Antenor Patiño, Jr., a law student who passed away on December 26, 1973. Tony believed deeply in helping his fellow students. The Tony Patiño Fellowship operates collaboratively at the University of Chicago Law School, Columbia Law School, and U.C. College of the Law, San Francisco (formerly U.C. Hastings).

Each year, one or two Fellows-Elect are selected from the incoming class of students. Financial need is not a consideration. Candidates are selected from a diverse array of personal and professional backgrounds. Recipients receive a financial award and are invited to participate in Fellowship events, including quarterly dinners with faculty members. The Fellowship may renew the annual award for two additional consecutive years of law school for Fellows-Elect who uphold Fellowship standards and practices. Upon graduation from law school, Fellows-Elect become Tony Patiño Fellows and join a worldwide community of 250 lawyer leaders of character and distinction.

You can find more information about the Tony Patiño Fellowship on the Fellowship's website. Information regarding the application process is shared with admitted students in spring each year.